At White House Black Market, our goal is for you to absolutely love the products you purchase from us. However, we know finding clothes and accessories you adore isn’t always a one-try process.

To make shopping with us risk-free, we offer a generous return window and policy. If you need to exchange an item for a different size, color, or completely new style, we make returns and exchanges quick and convenient.

Below you’ll find key details on:

Please look over these various scenarios and rules to understand exactly how returns and exchanges function at White House Black Market before you shop. We’ll do our best to ensure you love what you purchase, but want you to feel completely comfortable exchanging anything that isn’t quite right too.

General Return Policy

You have 30 days from the original ship date or in-store purchase date to initiate a return or exchange on non-final sale items. Final sale items are not eligible for any returns, refunds, or exchanges as marked.

All items must be returned in original condition with tags and labels still attached per individual item rules below. We cannot process returns or exchanges on items showing any use, wear, wash, or other damage.

You are responsible for return shipping costs unless the reason for return results from a White House Black Market error. See more shipping details within Online vs. In-Store Purchase sections.

Refund methods depend on original payment type and typically complete within 10-15 business days once your return is received and processed at our returns facility. Exchanged items reship for free once we process your return.

Online Purchases Return Policy

For all items purchased on our website whitehouseblackmarkets.com, start the returns process through your online account for fastest service.

  1. Log In: Select “My Account” and log in to the email address used when placing the order.
  2. Order History: Select “My Orders” to pull up your full order history. Identify the order with items to return.
  3. Return Request: Select “Start Return” and choose the specific items within the order you need to send back. Print the provided return shipping label.
  4. Mail Return: Enclose return label and items in packaging, affix the label, and drop off at any UPS location or schedule free UPS pickup. Hold onto tracking details.

Online purchase returns must be initiated through your online account rather than in stores for proper tracking. However, you can drop off packages for us to return at any UPS location just like sending any pre-labeled item.

Packages must be postmarked within 30 days of the original ship date shown in your account’s order details. Print your return label immediately to avoid passing this timeframe.

Once received at our returns processing facility, expect refunds and exchanges to complete within 10-15 business days. Temporary credits may show during processing period.

Shipping Online Returns

Pre-paid return labels provided in your online account allow free drop offs at any UPS location or free at-home UPS pickups within 30 days of order ship date.

Clearly print the entire return label to avoid issues or refusal. Cut labels precisely along edges without overlapping other surfaces for proper scanning. Use firm clear tape over the entire label surface for security in transit.

Schedule UPS pickups as early as possible before final pick-up times in your area and inform building staff like doormen UPS will be collecting a package to avoid missed attempts. Hold onto the tracking number provided at UPS drop off or pickup.

If you miss the 30 day cutoff and did not obtain a return label beforehand, you’ll need to cover shipping costs to send items back to us for refund or exchange processing. We cannot accept returns past 30 days originally purchased online regardless of who pays shipping.

Online Purchase Refunds

Once your online purchase return makes it back to our processing facility after UPS drop off or pickup, it takes 10-15 business days for refunds to fully complete back to your original payment. Here is the process:

  1. Receive & Inspect: We receive and inspect the return for original condition. Missing tags, obvious wear, wash, or damage can result in exchange only or return denial if outside policy.
  2. Approve & Initiate Refund: After approval, the refund process initiates to the original payment method used on the order. Timeframes depend on payment details.
  3. Restock Items: We process accepted returns to return to stock and resell.
  4. Issue Credit: The appropriate refund amount posts to your original payment method as quickly as possible depending on payment details.

For returns paid with current White House Black Market gift cards or store credit, we issue new store credit for the return’s value once processed.

Returns paid originally via PayPal refund to the PayPal account used at checkout. Debit/credit card returns credit back to the same card used.

Please allow 10-15 business days as stated for any reversals or new credits to fully complete after we receive your return to account for verification and transmission time through various processors.

If you paid with gift card but prefer return credited to the purchasing debit/credit card instead, contact Customer Service support to request before mailing back your items.

Online Purchase Exchanges

To swap an online purchase for a different size, color, or new item altogether, select “Exchange For” instead of “Refund” when initiating the online return process outlined above.

Then simply place a new order for preferred replacement items. As long as received before the return ships out, new orders qualify for free exchanges to avoid double shipping fees.

Once we receive and verify correct condition of the returned merchandise, we issue free reshipment of the newly placed exchange order within 2-3 business days. Any value differences result in credits or additional charges.

If needing to exchange for entirely new items that would no longer qualify as a free exchange after sending your return, don’t worry! As long as the original return meets guidelines, we issue a new store credit for the returned items in 10-15 days. You can use that credit on completely new picks.

Store Purchases Return Policy

For items purchased at White House Black Market store locations rather than online at whitehouseblackmarkets.com, please return directly to an open store near the original purchase location when possible.

Any store should be able to look up order details and process exchanges and returns, but visiting your original purchase store guarantees fastest lookup capability if needed for obscure situations.

As with online returns, original condition and tags attached are required. Return timeframe is also 30 days from the in-store purchase date shown on the original receipt.

Without a receipt, timeframe defaults to 30 days from the production date internally tagged on items themselves, which may provide less time than having an original receipt. Always hold onto detailed receipts just in case.

Shipping In-Store Returns

If at all possible, completing the return transaction at a local store location helps us serve you faster and avoid restocking fees that apply returns initiated through mail.

But we understand visiting the original store or seeking an open store location is not always possible depending on current operations and customer circumstances. In situations where visiting any store nearby simply will not work, we offer a mail-in return option for full refund as long as guidelines are met.

To start a mail-in return without access to a store:

  1. Contact Customer Service: Reach out to our team via phone or email to provide purchase details and items to return.
  2. Approve & Assign RMA: We first ensure order validity and return eligibility, then provide a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number associated with the return.
  3. Enclose Return Info: Store ordered items with printed order info, filled out return form, and provided RMA in secure packaging.

Without enclosing original order details, packages may not route to the correct return destination and go missing. So we cannot process exchanges or refunds for incomplete packages missing original order/purchase data along with returns themselves. Print all relevant info to include upfront to avoid delays.

  1. Pay & Ship: Pay any shipping fees to mail to the provided returns center address under our representative’s guidance. Hold onto tracking details.

Once received and verified at the returns facility with all appropriate original order details enclosed, the standard 10-15 day refund and exchange policy goes into effect.

In-Store Purchase Refunds

For returns completed inside an open local store rather than mailed without access:

Cash/Debit Card Returns: Refunds back to the original cash or debit card tender complete immediately upon return approval and processing by store associates.

Credit Card Returns: Processing timeframe for reversals or credits back to an original credit card purchase depends on individual bank systems. Expect 10-15 business days for the refund to fully complete based on credit card company procedures once the store completes the return.

Gift Cards/Store Credit Returns: As with online returns, we issue new store credit matching the returned items value immediately to redeem on a future purchase when store associates process a gift card or store credit paid return.

In-Store Purchase Exchanges

To perform an even exchange at time of returning store purchases, simply:

  1. Return Items: Bring the original purchase with receipt or lookup to the store associate for return.
  2. Identify Replacement: Let the associate know you want to exchange for a different size, color etc. of the same item or pick a completely new item.
  3. Process Swap: The associate completes the return, then rings up the new item purchase using the returned merch value. Any differences result in credits or charges.

No return shipping or extra fees apply since exchanges happen directly within the store. You walk out with the new item immediately after the swap!

If wanting to exchange returned merchandise for entirely new items not available in that store location, the store team still processes the return as normal. Any eligible refund then applies as a store credit towards future item picks online or in-store. There is no return shipping this route either.

Receipts & Tags

Having your complete original receipt or looking up by debit/credit card speeds up the returns and exchange process significantly. But even without receipts, our system lookups by product info or credit card can often still locate your purchase details accurately.

Returns without receipts fall back on the production date inside items themselves which provides 30 days from that internal tagging, so holding onto any receipts is best. But we make sure to provide backup options if you happen to lose them or make a gift purchase.

Along with original receipts, all items must have original White House Black Market branding and warning tags still attached. Do not remove these or cut off rip-tag fastenings prior to returning items. We cannot accept returns missing tags or with torn, cut, or marked tags.

Refund Methods

Depending on how the original purchase was paid, refund methods and exact timeframes vary:

Cash: Cash returns complete immediately as cash refunds during in-store visit. Mailed cash purchase returns become store credit matching items value.

Debit/Credit Cards: Returns to debit cards process immediately at time of in-store visit. For credit cards, expect 10-15 days for the reversal/credit to fully reach your account after an in-store or online return.

Gift Cards: Returns paid with gift cards issue store credit matching the return value immediately.

PayPal: Expect 10-15 days for the refund to fully complete back to PayPal account after our online returns facility processes mailed packages.

Contact Customer Service if refunds take longer than 15 business days or go to an unintended method contrary to the original purchase payment. We want returns, exchanges, and resulting refunds happening as quickly and conveniently as possible. So let us know if any hiccups!

Exchange Process

Exchanges typically process much faster than returns since replacements ship free immediately rather than waiting for refunds. See Online vs. In-Store Purchase differences above for exchange-specific details.

But to exchange across channels (e.g. buying online then exchanging in stores), while possible, often incurs surcharges or other inconveniences like return shipping or restocking fees.

For smoothest exchanges:

Following this approach combined with our free exchanges policy for direct channel swaps allows the fastest, most affordable exchange experience. We want you thrilled with the replacement items heading your way before the return even ships back!

Price Adjustments

If an item you purchased at regular price undergoes a significant price drop or promotion shortly after your order, show your original receipt to request a price match through our Price Adjustment policy.

You can request adjustments either through Customer Service if the original purchase was online or by visiting your local store with the receipt if the original purchase was in-person. Expect any eligible differences to be refunded to the original payment.

Keep the following requirements in mind:

Unfortunately sale, clearance, bundled, gifted, refurbished, or otherwise discounted item purchases do not currently qualify. But discounted orders or items can still always be returned and re-bought separately if new discounts bring pricing lower afterwards!

Special Cases Returns

While rare, certain situations occasionally occur requiring slightly different handling when processing returns, exchanges, refunds, or price adjustments:

Gifted Purchases

For items purchased as gifts, as long as the original confirmation email, receipt, or order ID is available, returns should process normally regardless of differing customer name, payment details, etc. compared to the giftee’s own account history.

Having the original order details for lookup is key when facilitating gift returns. Make sure whomever receives the gift holds onto this related purchase paperwork if possible for reference later down the line if needed.

Damaged or Defective Items

If an item shows up from our warehouse damaged or with a manufacturer defect vs normal wear and tear after use, contact Customer Service right away, ideally with photos available of the damage/defect areas.

We can approve immediate refunds, exchanges, or returns by mail on a case by case basis for items displaying initial defects rather than extended wear and tear degradation over time. Get in touch as soon as these issues are identified upon delivery.

Refurbished or Open Box Purchases

Given the already discounted nature upfront, refurbished, open-box, or similarly designated items unfortunately cannot receive standard Return Policy benefits like our 30 day window or free return shipping.

However, if the customer discovers what they believe to be undisclosed damage or issues with functionality not called out initially, contact Customer Service as soon possible after receiving delivery with photos. Certain situations may warrant unique resolutions.

Contacting Us

We make every effort to process all return and exchange requests in a quick, convenient manner while upholding policy guidelines. But we appreciate you bringing any difficulties or confusions to our attention as they arise so we can make things right!

Please reach out with questions around our Return Policy, unique situations that require extra assistance, or any other issues around refund status delays, surprising charges or credits, or processing hiccups.

Our U.S.-based Customer Experience team is happy to help explain policies in more detail, look into one off cases, and get answers on behalf of various backend teams if errors occur anywhere along the complex returns and exchanges pipeline.

The fastest ways to request return and exchange support are:

Email: customerexperience@whitehouseblackmarkets.com

Phone: 1-800-555-1212

Let us know how we can improve if any aspect of the returns process proves trickier than it should! We aim to constantly assess our policies and processes to catch any pain points customers encounter so shopping with us feels easy as can be from purchase to returns and everything between.