Zoofen Replacement Luggage Wheels – Repair Suitcase Parts with Heavy Duty Wheels and Easy Installation


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Tired of your luggage wheels cracking or breaking during your travels? Replace them with this set of 4 high quality replacement wheels from Zoofen. Designed to be easy to install yourself, these universal spinner wheels will have your luggage rolling smoothly again in no time.

Heavy Duty and Durable

These replacement luggage wheels are crafted from sturdy PVC, PP plastic and precision bearings. The solid plastic wheels can handle heavier loads and impact without cracking or breaking. The smooth rolling spinner wheels rotate 360 degrees for seamless maneuverability even when fully loaded.

Designed for Universality

With a standard size and screw placement, these replacement wheels are designed for universality. They install easily on most hard-sided luggage bags, duffel bags, trunks and more. Just match the replacement wheels size to your original wheels and use the included screws to attach them.

Easy Installation

Don’t worry about complicated installation. These Zoofen replacement wheels screw into place just like original luggage wheels. Simply remove your old cracked or broken wheels, match the screw placement to the new wheels, and use a screwdriver to screw them securely into the mounting plates on your luggage.

Smooth and Quiet Performance

Engineered with precision ball bearings, Zoofen replacement wheels roll smoothly and quietly over pavement, wood floors and other hard surfaces. The spinner wheels rotate effortlessly, preventing the annoying noise and wobbling of worn out wheels.


– Set includes 4 replacement wheels
– Materials: PVC, PP plastic, metal bearings
– Color: Black
– Diameter: 1.57 inches
– Width: 0.47 inches
– Mounting Screw Distance: 1.1 inches
– Fits most standard luggage bags with similar sized wheels

Designed for Travel

Enjoy peace of mind on your travels knowing you have sturdy replacement wheels ready for your bags. Easily repair luggage wheels during a trip to keep your bags rolling smoothly even under heavy loads.

One Year Warranty

Zoofen provides a 1-year warranty on this set of replacement luggage wheels. Please contact us if you have any issues or concerns with compatibility, performance, or durability.

Zoofen Brand

Zoofen specializes in replacement parts and hardware for luggage, furniture, appliances and more. Experience the Zoofen commitment to quality with these universal spinner wheels designed to keep you traveling in style.

Reasons to Buy Zoofen Replacement Wheels

✓ Heavy duty plastic construction

✓ Universal fit for most luggage

✓ Easy screw in installation

✓ Smooth spinner performance

✓ Quiet rolling ball bearings

✓ Repair worn out luggage wheels

Customer Reviews

“I was impressed at how heavy duty these replacement wheels are. They snapped right into place and now my bag rolls smooth as new.”

“These spinner wheels worked perfectly to repair the broken wheels on my favorite duffel bag. The installation took less than 5 minutes.”

“Very durable wheels with excellent bearings. I travel often for work and these wheels hold up well.”

“Nice that they send 4 replacement wheels per set. I was able to repair 2 of my bags that had bad wheels for a great price.”

How to Purchase

Zoofen replacement luggage wheels are available on Amazon. Search “Zoofen” and look for the set of 4 wheels with model number W044 to ensure you get the correct item with confirmed compatibility. You can purchase with confidence knowing these replacement parts come with a 1-year warranty from Zoofen.


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