ZHENTOR Half Round Polyester Shoelaces – 3 Pairs of Premium Quality 1/4 inch Width Shoestrings for Sneakers, Sports Shoes, and Casual Footwear




Take your footwear style up a notch with these high quality polyester shoelaces from ZHENTOR. Designed to be the perfect replacement laces for sneakers, athletic shoes, casual shoes, boots, and more, these 1/4 inch width oval laces will give your shoes a refreshed, stylish look.

Premium Polyester Material for Superior Strength and Durability

These shoelaces are constructed from premium polyester that is tightly woven for excellent strength and durability. The material is fade resistant so the vibrant colors will remain rich and bold even after countless uses. The polyester is also soft and smooth to the touch for comfortable wear all day long.

Wide Range of Vibrant Colors to Match Any Shoe Style

ZHENTOR oval shoelaces come in a spectrum of colors to complement any shoe style and look you’re going for. Choose from classic colors like black, white and gray to bold shades of red, yellow, blue and more. With so many color options, you can constantly change up the style of your footwear. Match the laces to your shoes or use them as an accent pop of color.

Perfect Replacement Lengths for Proper Fit

It’s frustrating when new shoelaces are way too long and you’re left with excessive annoying lace length. ZHENTOR laces are designed in optimal lengths to properly lace up sneakers, casual shoes, athletic shoes, boots and more without excess lacing. To find the perfect size, simply remove your current laces and measure from aglet tip to aglet tip for the exact length replacement laces you need.

3 Convenient Pair Pack for Multiple Shoe Options

Each set of ZHENTOR shoelaces comes with 3 pairs of laces, so you have spares ready for multiple shoes. Replace the laces in your well-worn sneakers, your favorite pair of casual loafers, your trusty work boots, and any other shoes needing new laces. With 6 laces in each pack, the options are endless.

Ideal for Kids, Women and Men

These polyester oval shoe laces are designed to fit most adult sneakers and casual shoes along with kids’ shoes. The 1/4 inch width fits lace eyelets on a wide range of footwear styles for men, women and children. Upgrade the style of the whole family’s shoe collection.

Easy Care – Machine Washable for Fresh, Clean Laces

ZHENTOR laces are conveniently machine washable for easy care. When they start looking dirty or grimy, simply throw them in the washing machine to get them looking like new again. The colorfast polyester keeps the vibrant shades from fading or running during washing.

Sporty Style for Athletic Shoes and Sneakers

The oval shape and sporty colors of these laces make them the perfect choice for lace-up athletic sneakers and sports shoes. Swap out the tired old laces in your gym shoes, trail runners, skate shoes and any active footwear. The polyester material retains its structure during activity without overstretching for optimal support.

Fashionable Accent for Casual Everyday Wear

ZHENTOR laces aren’t just for athletic shoes – they also add personality to casual footwear like sneakers, skate shoes, oxfords, loafers and more. Choose fun colors like pink, purple or yellow to make your kicks stand out. Coordinate with the rest of your outfit for a stylish finishing touch.

Tough Woven Texture Stands Up to Constant Wear

The tightly woven polyester construction gives these shoelaces a noticeable cross-woven texture and extra durability. The material is designed to hold up to constant friction and abrasion from lacing, unlacing and activity without fraying or tearing. Plus the flat shape avoids uncomfortable digging into feet.

Simple Installation – Ready to Replace Old Laces Instantly

Don’t spend time fumbling with complicated or flimsy laces. ZHENTOR oval laces come ready to easily slip into eyelets and quickly lace up shoes with a secure knot and bow. Their slim 1/4 inch width slides through eyelets with no binding or snagging. Durable aglet tips ensure the laces glide smoothly.

Complete the Look of Any Footwear for Less

Why buy expensive new shoes when you can give your current pair new life with a set of ZHENTOR shoelaces? For a very low cost, you can change up the style of all your favorite kicks. It’s an inexpensive way to complement your outfit with any color.

Refresh the style of your favorite sneakers, athletic shoes, casual shoes, Oxfords, boots and more with this 6-pack of polyester oval shoelaces from ZHENTOR. The vibrant fade-resistant colors and tightly woven durable texture will have your shoes looking stylish and feeling comfortable for a very affordable price.


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