ULUSERN Heated Jacket for Women – Soft Shell Electric Heating Coat with 5 Heating Zones & 12V Battery Pack




Feel the warmth instantly with the ULUSERN heated jacket, designed to keep you cozy even in the coldest weather. Built for women, this soft shell electric heating coat has 5 large heating panels powered by a long-lasting 12V battery pack.

5 Ultra-Thin Heating Zones

Strategically placed carbon fiber heating elements generate heat in the key areas you need it most. You’ll feel warmth across your mid-back, left & right chest, and down each arm. With 50% larger coverage than comparable heated coats, ULUSERN provides superior heating.

Heats Up Fast

The included 12V high-power battery heats up in just 3 seconds, so you’ll feel toasty right away. No more waiting around shivering for the warmth to kick in. The 77Wh capacity battery provides up to 10 hours of heat on the low setting.

3 Temperature Settings

With ULUSERN’s adjustable temperature settings, you control the heat. High reaches 165°F, medium 150°F, and low 125°F, so you can customize the warmth to your needs and avoid getting overheated.

Soft Shell Fabric

Built with professional water-resistant soft shell fabric lined with fleece, this jacket keeps you warm without the bulk of a heavy winter coat. The fabric is durable yet soft with good tensile strength and scratch resistance.

Windproof Hood Design

The windproof hood provides extra protection from cold gusts of wind. Cinch it tight during stormy weather. The 3-piece adjustable hood construction ensures a comfortable, customized fit.

Portable 12V Battery Pack

The lightweight, slim battery pack effortlessly attaches to the interior jacket pocket for cord-free heating on the go. The UL/FCC certified lithium-ion battery delivers efficient, high-performance power.

Fast Charging Capabilities

With a powerful 22W PD/QC output, the included battery can quickly charge your devices like smartphones in addition to powering your heated coat. No need to carry an extra portable charger.

Perfect for Outdoor Adventures

Stay warm during every winter activity with this women’s electric heating coat. It’s ideal for snowmobiling, motorcycle riding, hiking, climbing, skiing, fishing, hunting, and more. The soft shell fabric allows full mobility.


– 5 carbon fiber heating zones
– 165°F high heat setting
– 77Wh 12V lithium-ion battery included
– Windproof hood with adjustable openings
– Water-resistant soft shell exterior
– Fleece lining for extra insulation
– Easily portable slim battery pack
– 22W fast charging for devices
– Cordless heating

Cozy Warmth, Endless Adventures

With flexible fabric that moves with you and custom heating zones, ULUSERN’s heated jacket empowers women to take on any cold weather activity in cozy comfort. The convenient battery pack provides hours of instant warmth on the go so you can enjoy your favorite winter pursuits to the fullest.


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