Transform Any Appliance and Bring Your Favorite Electronics Overseas with the ELC T Series 3000+ Watt Voltage Converter


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Traveling internationally for work or pleasure? The ELC T Series 3000+ Watt Voltage Converter allows you to safely and easily use your 110v electronics and appliances anywhere in the world. With a maximum capacity of 3000 watts, this heavy duty voltage converter transforms 110-120v to 220-240v and vice versa.

Use Your Electronics Anywhere in the World

Don’t leave your favorite hair dryer, laptop or kitchen appliances at home! The ELC T Series voltage converter lets you use 110v electronics in 220v countries and 220v electronics in 110v countries. It’s compatible with voltages from 100 to 130v and from 200 to 250v. Just plug your devices into the appropriate 110v or 220v outlet on the converter.

Safe, Efficient Power Conversion

This voltage converter uses advanced toroidal transformer technology to provide cool, quiet power conversion at up to 92% efficiency. The toroidal design results in a unit that’s 20% lighter than traditional voltage converters, weighing in at just 15 lbs. Dual circuit breakers protect your devices from power surges and overload on both the 110v and 220v sides.

Easy To Use Anywhere

With a compact footprint of just 13.5 x 10.25 x 6.5 inches, this voltage converter is ideal for use in home, office or hotel room settings overseas. Just plug it into the wall and turn it on. The unit produces no audible noise while in use for smooth, silent operation. The voltage converter accepts Type A, C and G plug types, making it compatible with outlets in over 150 countries.

Safety Certified

The ELC T Series Voltage Converter meets the latest safety standards for power converters. It’s ETL certified to UL and CE standards, giving you peace of mind that your devices are protected. The heavy-duty metal housing also resists interference and provides durability.

Reliable Operation Backed by Our Warranty

We stand behind the quality of our voltage converters with a 3-year warranty. We’re confident this unit will provide you with years of reliable service as you travel with your electronics.

Take Your Electronics Overseas with Confidence

Don’t leave your favorite hair tools, laptop, phone charger and other electronics behind just because of plug differences when you travel internationally. The ELC T Series 3000+ Watt Voltage Converter lets you use 110v electronics anywhere overseas with 220v power. With advanced toroidal transformer technology, dual circuit breaker protection and a 3-year warranty, you can trust this voltage converter to safely power your devices around the globe. Transform the way you travel today!


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