Titleist Boardwalk Rope Golf Hat


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The Titleist Boardwalk Rope Golf Hat is the perfect headwear for any golfer. With its stylish white and black colorway and unique rope design, this hat makes a bold fashion statement on and off the course. But it’s more than just looks – the Boardwalk Rope Hat is designed with features to keep you comfortable and improve your performance.

Adjustable Fit

The Boardwalk Rope Hat features a trendy adjustable closure. The metal buckle at the back can be easily adjusted to find your ideal fit. Get the perfect snugness to keep the hat securely on your head, without it ever feeling too tight. The adjustable fit also makes this a one-size-fits-most hat, accommodating various head sizes.

Performance Material

Constructed from a lightweight, breathable polyester, this hat wicks moisture and dries quickly. The fabric is soft to the touch but structured enough to hold its shape. It won’t get misshapen in your golf bag. The interior sweatband also uses a moisture-wicking material to keep you dry and comfortable on hot days out on the course. The polyester fabric is durable enough for regular wear and can stand up to being folded and stuffed in your bag.

Unique Rope Design

The Titleist Boardwalk Rope Hat gets its name from the thin, multicolored rope design wrapping around the crown. This gives the hat a nautical vibe perfect for the golf course. The rope design is textured so you can easily grip the hat to put it on and take it off. It also provides visual interest with various flecks of color woven throughout the rope.

Sun Protection

With UPF 50+ UV protection, this hat shields your face, neck, and ears from the sun’s harmful rays. The brim is specifically engineered to provide shade without getting in the way of your swing. It has a semi-curved silhouette that looks stylish while still covering and protecting. The UV protection built into the polyester fabric also ensures the harmful rays don’t penetrate the hat. You can enjoy hours outdoors with significantly reduced exposure.

Moisture Wicking Sweatband

Inside the Boardwalk Rope Hat you’ll find a moisture-wicking sweatband. Constructed from a soft, breathable material, this sweatband prevents sweat from dripping down your forehead. It quickly absorbs and evaporates moisture to keep you cool and comfortable. The sweatband is also antimicrobial to prevent odor buildup. Your hat will stay fresher for longer.

Structured Crown

While the brim has a curved silhouette, the crown uses Titleist’s proprietary snapback construction to maintain structure. This allows the hat to hold its shape and spring back if folded or bent. The crown keeps its box-like silhouette instead of getting lumpy. Combined with the buckle closure, the snapback crown ensures a clean, sharp look every time you put this hat on.

Brand Trust

As with all Titleist gear, the Boardwalk Rope Hat is held to the highest standards of quality and performance. As the #1 ball in golf and a leader in clubs, bags, and accessories, Titleist has built a reputation for excellence. This hat may have a stylish, fashion-forward look, but the technology, materials and construction are engineered to meet the demands of golfers. You can trust you are getting a superb quality hat.

Ideal for Golfers

Lightweight, breathable, moisture-wicking, and sun protective – the Titleist Boardwalk Rope Hat checks off all the boxes for ideal golf headwear. It has the technical performance features needed for comfort on the course along with standout style. The unique rope design and classic Titleist logo will have you making a statement whether you’re sinking puts or grabbing 19th hole drinks. Available in multiple color options, find the Boardwalk Rope Hat that best suits your style.


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