Timex Men’s Expedition North Tide-Temp-Compass Outdoor Watch




The Timex Men’s Expedition North Tide-Temp-Compass watch is the ultimate outdoor accessory for modern adventurers and explorers. This rugged and durable watch provides key information to keep you on course and safe in the wilderness.

The Expedition North watch face displays the current temperature, tide data, and a digital compass – all essential details during outdoor excursions. The sleek black dial with INDIGLO light-up watch hands ensures you can view the time and data even in low light conditions. A mineral glass crystal lens protects the watch face from scratches and damage while a 100m water resistance rating allows it to withstand splashes and brief immersions without issue.

Key Features:

  • Tide & Temperature Tracking: Current temperature displays in °F or °C. Tide data provides insight on rise and fall.
  • Digital Compass: Navigate your heading with the built-in digital compass.
  • Durable Design: A 43mm resin case and rugged 8-inch canvas strap can withstand outdoor activities.
  • Water Resistant To 100m: Tested to withstand splashes and brief immersions in water.
  • INDIGLO Light-Up Display: View the watch hands and dial even in low light conditions.
  • Mineral Glass Crystal: Durable glass lens resists scratches.

Track Key Data for Outdoor Expeditions

The Expedition North watch provides outdoor adventurers with key data to navigate journeys and stay safe in harsh environments. The tide and temperature tracking give insight into water levels and weather, while the digital compass keeps your heading on course.

Tide levels throughout the day are displayed through easy-to-read graphs and icons. This allows you to coordinate outings based on high or low tides. You can also view the current water temperature so you know what to expect during water sports.

Meanwhile, the digital compass shows your heading in degrees so you can orient yourself and stay on route. Whether you’re traversing dense forests or vast canyons, the compass helps you navigate back to camp. The compass also provides cardinal directions (N, S, E, W) for additional orientation.

Rugged Outdoor Watch Built for Adventure

This watch is equipped with durable materials and construction to withstand rugged use during outdoor excursions. The 43mm resin case resists scratching, cracking, and damage from accidental impacts while the canvas watch strap is comfortable and ventilated.

A mineral glass crystal protects the watch face itself from scratches, scrapes, and cracking. The Expedition North has a 100m water resistance rating which allows it to handle splashes, rain, and brief water immersions without issue. You can rely on this watch whether kayaking down rapids or trekking along coastal trails.

When the sun goes down, the INDIGLO light-up display illuminates the watch hands and dial for easy time telling. The long-lasting INDIGLO night-light ensures you can check the time, temperature, tide data, and compass heading even after dark.

Trusted Timex Quality and Craftsmanship

Timex has been producing quality watches since 1854. The Expedition North watch upholds Timex’s reputation for well-designed, durable timepieces. This outdoor watch is crafted from quality materials and designed to provide reliable performance mile after mile.

The Expedition North joins Timex’s impressive line-up of outdoor watches. It offers essential features tailored for modern adventures without all the costly bells and whistles. For an affordable, no-fuss outdoor watch, the Expedition North delivers the key data you need for your next expedition.

Order Today and Start Your Next Adventure

Don’t hit the trails unprepared! The Expedition North watch provides vital outdoor data to assist your adventures. Order today and rely on the Expedition North watch for your next hike, climb, or kayaking expedition.


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