Sublaga 40 Pack Disposable Facial Headbands – Soft Non-Woven Skincare Headbands for Face Wash, Massages, and Makeup (40pcs, White)


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Keep your hair out of the way during facials, skin care routines, makeup application, and more with the Sublaga 40 Pack Disposable Facial Headbands. These soft, comfortable headbands are designed to hold back hair securely while pampering your skin.

Comfortable, Breathable Material

Each headband is crafted from lightweight, non-woven fabric that feels soft against your skin. The elastic stretch material moves with you without pinching or pulling at your hair. It’s also breathable, so you stay cool and comfortable even during long skincare or massage sessions. The non-toxic, non-polluting materials are gentle on sensitive skin.

Holds Hair Back Securely

The thick, stretchy elastic band gently grips your head to keep every strand of hair back. No more dealing with loose flyaways tickling your face or getting products in your hair. The wide band covers your hairline completely, keeping your locks out of the way from forehead to nape.

Individually Wrapped for Hygiene

Each disposable headband comes individually packaged, ensuring the highest hygiene standards. Simply tear open a packet and slip on a fresh, unused headband before your skincare routine or spa treatment. When you’re done, just toss it in the trash. It’s perfect for single use or for multiple clients.

Use Anywhere You Need Your Hair Pulled Back

Take these versatile headbands anywhere you need your hair secured back. Use them for:

  • Facials – Keep hair protected while masks and serums soak in.
  • Face washing – Stop strands from dripping into your eyes.
  • Makeup application – Apply flawless makeup without catching hair in brushes.
  • Massages – Relax completely without shifting your hair.
  • Manicures/pedicures – Keep hair away from nail polish and files.
  • Protecting hair from chlorine in pools or hot tubs.
  • Yoga, meditation, exercise – Keep hair back during your practice.

They make excellent travel companions to keep your hair looking great on the go. Stash them in your gym bag, purse, suitcase or carry-on.


  • Quantity: 40 disposable headbands
  • Material: Elastic non-woven fabric
  • Color: White
  • Size: Designed to fit most men, women and children

Discover Flawless, Frizz-Free Skin

No more worrying about pesky hairs stuck to your freshly washed face or smeared into your cosmetics. With the Sublaga Disposable Facial Headbands, you can relax and focus on caring for your skin without distractions. The soft, stretchy bands keep every strand in place so you can apply masks, serums, makeup and more like a pro.

Stock up on this hair hero for all your skincare, spa and beauty needs. Add the Sublaga 40 Pack Disposable Facial Headbands to your self-care routine today!


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