Step up Your Sneaker Game with Stepace Flat Shoelaces


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Tired of basic round laces that come standard on most sneakers? Looking to add some flair and customize the look of your kicks? Search no further than Stepace Flat Shoelaces – available in 26 vibrant colors in 8 different lengths ranging from 30″ all the way up to 72″.

These premium polyester laces are specifically designed for sneakers, athletic shoes, boots, high tops, and other casual styles. The flat 8mm width profile gives a sleek, streamlined look and allows you to really tighten down your laces and get that perfect lockdown fit for ideal performance and stability.

Endless Color Combinations to Match Any Outfit

With so many color options from neutral blacks and whites to bold reds, blues, and greens, you’ll be able to find the perfect shades to complement any sneaker style and colorway. Mix and match to create cool two-tone looks, or go monochromatic with matching laces to seamlessly blend in.

Some top color combinations include:

  • Black laces on white leather sneakers for a classic, clean style
  • White laces on black canvas high tops as an iconic throwback look
  • Red laces on blue suede retro runners to really make them pop
  • Green laces on gray minimalist trail shoes for an earthy outdoor vibe

The possibilities are endless! Swap out laces regularly to give your sneakers a brand new style for every outfit.

Find Your Perfect Size for Comfort & Function

No more dealing with laces that are way too long and leave excessive material hanging. Stepace laces are available in 8 specific lengths ranging from 30 inches for small kids shoes all the way up to 72 inches for large boots.

Carefully measure your existing laces or use our sizing chart to find just the right length replacement laces for your footwear. Having properly sized laces will not only look better, but will also allow you to lace up nice and snug for ideal fit and support.

Some quick sizing estimates:

  • 30-36″ – Small youth and kids shoes
  • 40-45” – Most adult sneakers and casual shoes
  • 54-60” – Mid-top boots and high top sneakers like Chucks
  • 65-72” – Large boots that require wrapping laces around multiple times

Don’t settle for laces that are too short and come untied easily or overly long laces with messy extra material. Get a set of Stepace laces sized just right for your footwear.

Premium Quality Polyester for Durability & Performance

The high quality polyester material ensures these laces will hold up to daily wear and tear. They won’t stretch out, fray or tear like inferior laces. The fibers have a subtle sheen that almost mimics a satin finish for added style.

Put them to the test both in the gym and out on the streets. The durable flat shape stays tied securely even during hardcore training, sprints, quick cuts, and high intensity athletic activity. No need to stop and re-tie constantly like flimsy round laces.

The slim profile slips easily through lace holes and allows you to really crank down on them for a tighter fit that locks your foot in place. Once tied, the knot stays tight and laces stay flat against the shoe thanks to the minimalist flat design.

Customize For Performance, Style, and Self-Expression

Laces aren’t just function – they can also be an important fashion statement and form of self-expression. Swapping out your laces is an easy and affordable way to quickly change up the look of your kicks and make them your own.

Flat laces like these are especially hot in today’s sneaker culture for their sleek, minimalist vibe. They just look dope! The streamlined shape gives a sharp, refined edge and makes your shoes look more polished and put together.

For athletes, customizable laces also allow you to add your team colors or a dose of personal flair to your sports shoes. Express yourself with vibrant colors or patterns that reflect your unique personality and style.

High Quality Packaging for Easy Storage

Each set of two replacement laces come packaged neatly in a clear plastic storage case to keep them tangle-free and easy to organize. The durable cases make these laces a great gift idea as well. They look clean and presentable for birthdays, holidays, or treating any sneaker lover in your life.

Give your sneakers a facelift and take your shoe game to the next level! Order Stepace Flat Shoelaces today and choose from 26 fun colors in your ideal size.


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