Stay Warm While Still Using Your Fingertips with Achiou’s Convertible Fingerless Gloves


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Cold fingers making it hard to text or use your phone? Achiou’s winter fingerless gloves allow you to flip the top back to free your fingers!

These knitted clamshell gloves convert from full gloves to fingerless mittens with just the flip of the top. The versatile 2-in-1 design provides warmth while still giving you fingertip access.

Flip Top for Touchscreen Access

The innovative flip top design lets you easily expose your fingertips whenever you need manual dexterity or touchscreen use. Just secure the top flap back with the button closure to keep your fingers free.

No need to remove the whole glove to use your phone, tablet, camera, wallet, keys or anything else requiring fine finger control. The half finger gloves allow you to keep texting, typing, swiping and tapping without freezing your fingers off!

Cozy Acrylic Knit Fabric

The winter fingerless gloves are knitted from a warm blend of 86% acrylic, 13% polyester and 1% spandex. The synthetic acrylic wool provides better warmth than natural wool while resisting shrinkage.

The knit fabric is thick enough to lock in heat while still being stretchy and comfortable thanks to the spandex. The soft lining inside feels great against your skin and adds another layer of insulation.

Versatile Unisex Design

Achiou’s convertible gloves feature a unisex design perfect for both men and women. The solid black, green, gray and dark gray colors work well for any gender.

One size fits most adults with the gloves stretching to accommodate various hand sizes. Just measure your hand against the unstretched glove dimensions of 6.9 inches long by 3.1 inches wide.

The simple knit style looks discreet and stylish on both guys and girls. It provides understated warmth for casual wear, outdoor activities and cold weather commuting.

Many Uses Beyond Winter

While excellent cold weather gloves, Achiou’s fingerless mittens work year-round for many applications. The flip top allows finger freedom anytime you need your fingertips accessible.

Use them in spring, summer and fall for:

– Cycling – Keep hands warm but still shift gears and brake
– Running – Access smart watch and music controls without removing
– Driving – Easily grip steering wheel and use touchscreens
– Hiking – Use trekking poles, GPS and backpack straps
– Fishing – Flip tops back for tying knots and baiting hooks
– Walking dogs – Hold leash and use phone without the hassle
– Traveling on planes, trains and buses
– And much more!

Better Dexterity Than Mittens

Enjoy more manual dexterity than traditional mittens thanks to the fingerless design. When flipped open, the gloves allow your fingers to move freely while keeping your palms and backs of hands toasty.

The knitted fabric is also stretchy and form-fitting for better grip and feel than bulky mittens. Easily grab and hold items while keeping the blood flowing to your fingers.

Perfect Female Fingerless Gloves

Ladies love the versatility of these convertible gloves. They transition effortlessly from winter gloves to cute fingerless mittens. Use them for workouts, errands and casual wear.

The knitted fabric stretches snugly around female hands for a stylish look. The solid neutral colors complement any outfit from sporty activewear to nice work or dinner clothes.

Whether you need touchscreen fingertips or just want to show off your manicure, these gloves allow you to go seamlessly from warmth to fashion.

Order Your Convertible Fingerless Gloves Now!

Don’t suffer cold fingers any longer! Get the winter fingerless gloves from Achiou to stay warm while keeping finger freedom. Just flip the top open whenever you need to use your fingertips.

The knitted acrylic blend fabric keeps hands cozy without bulk while the versatile design transitions between full glove and fingerless mitten.

Order now and get the perfect cold weather gloves for touchscreen use, outdoor activities, dog walking, commuting, traveling and everyday wear. Keep your hands warm and stylish all winter long!


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