Skeleteen Vintage Black Pioneer Prairie Bonnet Sun Hat for Women and Girls


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Step back in time with the Skeleteen vintage black pioneer bonnet. This old fashioned sun hat evokes images of colonial women and prairie settlers traversing the frontier. With its wide brim and crown, this bonnet provides ample coverage from the sun’s rays. The black color lends a somber yet stylish look.

Made of lightweight yet durable felt, this bonnet is comfortable to wear. The inner hat band ensures a snug yet comfy fit. Two long tie strings allow you to adjust the fit. Tie the bonnet under your chin or at the nape of your neck. At 25 inches long, the strings accommodate various head sizes from petite women to growing girls.

While harkening back to simpler times, this pioneer bonnet has a timeless appeal. It makes a great accessory for pioneer costumes and reenactments. Use it to complete your prairie or colonial outfit. This bonnet is a must-have for living history events. Amp up your Laura Ingalls Wilder look with this essential bonnet.

The Skeleteen vintage black bonnet also makes an ideal costume accessory. Pair it with a Handmaid’s Tale costume for a spot-on look straight out of the show. Use it for a pilgrim or puritan costume. This hat works well for a variety of Halloween costumes.

This pioneer bonnet for women and girls has many uses beyond costumes. Protect your complexion from the sun’s UV rays while gardening or hiking. Keep the glaring sun out of your eyes while camping or fishing. Shield your hair from dirt and debris while cleaning or doing yardwork. A versatile sun hat like this is a wardrobe essential.


– Made of durable yet lightweight felt material

– Wide brimmed sun hat style provides ample sun protection

– Inner hat band ensures secure and comfy fit

– Two 25” strings to tie under chin or at nape of neck

– Adjustable tie strings accommodate various head sizes

– Works for women’s and girls’ pioneer costumes

– Ideal accessory for pilgrim, puritan, Handmaid costumes

– Great for historical reenactments and events

– Also useful gardening and outdoor sun hat

Give your pioneer, pilgrim, puritan, or Handmaid’s Tale costume an authentic touch with this vintage style black bonnet by Skeleteen. With its versatility and timeless appeal, this women’s sun hat also pulls together your frontier inspired everyday look.

An Old Fashioned Bonnet Rich in History

Bonnets have a long and storied history across many cultures. In Medieval Europe, bonnets were worn by both men and women to keep their heads warm. The exact styling indicated social class and wealth. The rich wore elaborate bonnets embellished with jewels and fine materials. Peasants wore plain bonnets crafted from sackcloth or straw.

As fashions evolved, women’s bonnets became more elaborate. The crown and brim provided ample space to showcase the luxury textiles, ribbons, and trims of the day. Affluent women wore bonnets outdoors and for formal occasions. Working class women also wore more modest versions for sun protection and warmth.

By the 18th century, bonnets with wide brims were popularized by the Quakers and Puritans immigrating to America. The expansive brims shielded their fair complexions from the harsh sun. This style came to typify the female settlers and pioneers bravely traversing the new frontier.

Over time, bonnets evolved into accessory worn by women and girls of all classes. At once practical and fashionable, they adorned women from all walks of life. The Skeleteen vintage black bonnet embodies the pioneer spirit of courageous women who shaped America’s history.

An Ideal Accessory for Period Costumes

Harken back to simpler times with the Skeleteen vintage pioneer bonnet. The striking black color and classic sun hat silhouette effortlessly complete your pioneer or colonial costume. Stay shaded from the hot sun while immersing yourself in historical reenactments.

Getting the bonnet details just right takes your costume authenticity to the next level. This durable felt bonnet looks like it was plucked straight from the frontier, not a retail shelf.

The Skeleteen bonnet is also ideal for pilgrim and puritan costumes. Thanksgiving is the perfect time to embrace early American style. Accessorize your pilgrim dress with this must-have bonnet.

Another creative costume pairing is a Handmaid’s Tale look. The imagery of the show’s Handmaid uniforms is unforgettable. This black bonnet completing your Handmaid’s costume makes a bold statement. Accessorize your Handmaid’s dress with this bonnet for Halloween or a costume party.

However you style it, the Skeleteen vintage black bonnet adds old fashioned charm and historically inspired flair to your attire. Stay true to period style while keeping cool in the shade.

An Everyday Sun Hat for Outdoor Wear

Beyond costumes, this versatile bonnet pulls together everyday vintage inspired style. The lightweight felt material provides protection from the sun’s harmful rays. The generous brim keeps your face, ears, and neck shaded.

Wear this sun hat gardening to shield your complexion while tending to your vegetables and flowers. Its water-resistant felt fabric holds up to the humid, misty environment of the garden. The bonnet ties ensure it stays put, even if you’re weeding and digging in the dirt.

Hit the hiking trail in style donning this bonnet over your ponytail. The brim and full coverage crown provide superior sun protection for your face, scalp, and neck. No need to worry about the annoying sun glare when your trusty bonnet’s got you covered.

Pack this pioneer inspired bonnet on camping trips and outdoor adventures. Throw it on over messy hair when running to the showers or bathrooms. The adjustable chinstrap keeps it from blowing away at camp.

Tackle yardwork in the comfort of this breathable sun hat. Yardwork involves lots of bending, reaching, and kneeling. Deep brims like this bonnet’s won’t bump into your shoulders. And the chin ties keep it from flying off when you look up.

High Quality Materials and Construction

Constructed from durable yet soft felt, this vintage style bonnet is built to last. The lightweight, full crown design provides excellent sun protection without feeling bulky. The flexible brim material maintains its shape while withstanding wrinkles.

The inner hat band ensures a secure fit around your head. Unlike some hats, this bonnet won’t be flying off on windy days. The 25 inch long strings comfortably tie under the chin or neck.

The adjustable ties accommodate various women’s hat sizes. Petite ladies can tighten the chinstrap for a snug fit. Those with larger hat sizes can loosen the ties for comfort. And as your daughter grows, the hat ties can be adjusted bigger.

All Skeleteen products are rigorously tested for safety and quality. Only non-toxic materials are used, ideal for sensitive skin. This company meticulously constructs their bonnets to recreate period style with a modern eye for fit and function.

Complete Your Historical Ensemble in Style

Immerse yourself in living history with the Skeleteen vintage black pioneer bonnet. Or turn heads at your next costume party in this distinctly styled black bonnet. However you wear it, you’ll make a statement.


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