SCRUBIT Boot Scraper Brush – All-Weather Door Mat Easily Cleans Shoes


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Tired of tracking dirt, mud, and melting snow into your home? The SCRUBIT Boot Scraper Brush is the all-weather solution for keeping shoes clean at the door. This heavy-duty boot brush easily removes messes from footwear before entering your home.

The SCRUBIT boot brush features stiff, dense bristles ideal for scrubbing away caked-on grime. Position it outside your entryway and give shoes a quick scrub on the textured surface to remove mud, dirt, snow, grass, and more. Within seconds, shoes are cleaned without the mess.

Key Features:

  • Stiff bristles remove stuck-on messes from shoe soles
  • Textured surface scrubs away mud, dirt, snow, etc.
  • Flat design lays easily outside entryway
  • Durable wood construction for all weather usage
  • Measures 14.2 x 10 inches
  • Cleans work boots, sneakers, hiking boots, and more

Scrubs Away Stubborn Dirt and Grime

The SCRUBIT boot brush features rows of tough, stiff bristles ideal for dislodging caked-on messes. As you step on the textured surface, the bristles scrub deep to remove mud, dirt, snow, grass, gravel, and other debris.

The tightly packed bristles get into the crevices and tread of your shoes, cleaning hard-to-reach areas. No more tracking chunks of mud or melting snow trails into your home!

Cleans All Types of Footwear

From sneakers to work boots, the SCRUBIT brush cleans all kinds of footwear. The bristles are sturdy enough to handle heavy usage, removing mud and muck from construction boots. Yet soft enough to gently clean delicate sneaker treads without causing damage.

Snow boots, hiking boots, cowboy boots – the SCRUBIT brush can handle them all! The flat platform is wide enough to scrub both feet at once, making it easy and quick.

Durable Wooden Design

Constructed from finished wood, the SCRUBIT boot brush is built to last. It stands up to heavy usage in all weather conditions. Rain or snow, extreme heat or cold, this boot brush holds up.

The quality wooden design looks great outside any entryway. The natural wood tones complement both classic and modern architecture. Both fashionable and functional!

No Installation Required

This boot brush couldn’t be easier to use. No installation, mounting, or hassle involved. Simply place it outside your door and start scrubbing shoes clean!

The flat platform sits flush on the ground, enabling easy foot access. When not in use, it can stand upright for convenient storage.

With zero installation, the SCRUBIT boot brush can also be moved between entryways or used when traveling. It’s portability makes it ideal for camping trips, RV adventures, and more.

Hassle-Free Maintenance

The SCRUBIT boot brush doesn’t just clean shoes, it practically cleans itself! The tightly bristled surface prevents dirt, mud, and debris from accumulating.

To freshen it up, simply spray off with a hose or brush lightly with a broom. The wood construction prevents rotting and damage.

With easy care, the boot brush provides superior performance and durability season after season. A long-lasting solution for spotless entryways.

Love Your Purchase

Try the SCRUBIT Boot Scraper Brush risk-free with a 30-day money back guarantee. If you aren’t completely satisfied, return for a full refund.

Invest in this heavy-duty boot brush to effortlessly remove messes at your door. With quick scrubbing action and durable wooden design, the SCRUBIT keeps shoes clean to prevent indoor dirt and clutter.


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