SAMGU Women’s Bra Extenders – Comfortably Expand Your Bra Band


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Need to size up your bra band? SAMGU’s adjustable bra extenders comfortably increase your bra’s size range. The stretchy extender adds 3 extra hooks to give you an additional 3 inches. Easily hook it onto your bra when you need a little extra room.

SAMGU’s bra extenders are a wardrobe essential for pregnancy, postpartum, weight changes, or between bra sizes. The soft, stretchy extender lets you keep wearing your favorite bras even when your band feels snug.

Add 3 Inches to Your Bra Band

– Adds 3 extra hooks and 3.7 inches in length
– Smooth, stretchy strap bridges the gap between bra hooks
– 3/4 inch hook spacing
– Hooks made of sturdy stainless steel
– Available in sets of 3 extenders: black, beige, white

Simply hook the extender’s end onto your bra’s hooks. Then use your bra’s hooks to fasten onto the extender’s 3 extra hooks. Effortlessly extend your bra band up to 3 inches.

The extender’s stretchy fabric moves with you for comfortable wear all day. The hooks are made of stainless steel for durability and hold.

Use for Pregnancy, Postpartum, and Weight Changes

Pregnancy and postpartum bodies go through many changes. As your rib cage and back expand, your bra band size may increase. SAMGU’s bra extenders allow you to keep wearing your favorite bras through all stages!

Weight loss or gain can also change your bra size. Extenders let you transition between sizes comfortably. Why buy new bras when you can extend the ones you already love?

SAMGU’s soft, stretchy bra extenders offer a budget-friendly way to expand your options between sizes. Get a custom fit and ideal support during times of change.

Works for Any Bra Style

SAMGU’s universal design works with any bra style. Add length to:

– Sports bras
– Bralettes
– Wire-free bras
– Underwire bras
– Minimizers
– Push-up bras
– Nursing bras
– Strapless bras
– More!

The extender is ideal for those between band sizes. Get a perfect fit when you fall between, say, a 34B and a 36B. Hook the extender onto a 34 band bra to make it fit like a 36.

High Quality Materials for Comfort

– Fabric made of soft, flexible nylon
– Hooks made of anti-rust stainless steel
– Smooth, non-irritating edges

The extender’s fabric is designed for stretch and recovery. It adds length without squeezing or pinching.

Rust-resistant steel hooks provide a sturdy grip without sharp edges. They attach securely onto your bra’s closure hooks.

Enjoy all-day comfort thanks to quality materials and flexible fit.

Easy to Attach and Remove

Securing the extender is quick and easy:

1. Hold it behind your bra’s hook closure.
2. Hook the extender’s 3 loops onto your bra’s hooks.
3. Fasten your bra’s hooks into the extender’s 3 free hooks.

To remove, simply unhook your bra from the extender. Hook your bra’s closure together like normal.

SAMGU’s bra extenders can be added or removed whenever needed. Use them during pregnancy, while breastfeeding, or any time your bra feels snug.

Care Instructions

– Hand wash only with mild detergent
– Air dry flat
– Do not bleach
– Do not iron

Follow these easy care instructions for long-lasting use. Avoid putting the extender in the washing machine or dryer, as high heat can damage materials.

With proper care, your bra extender will provide many months of comfortable wear.

Buy with Confidence

SAMGU is dedicated to women’s comfort, confidence and style. Their bra accessories are thoughtfully designed to support you during life’s changes.

Try SAMGU’s bra extenders risk-free today. If you are not completely satisfied, you are protected by Amazon’s return policy.

Extend the life of your favorite bras easily and affordably. Click Add to Cart now!


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