Sacina Luna Moth Dangle Earrings – Gothic Butterfly Jewelry for Halloween, New Years, and Everyday Wear


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Capture the magical essence of the luna moth with these stunning gothic butterfly earrings by Sacina. Handcrafted from zinc alloy in a beautiful antiqued silver finish, these nature-inspired earrings feature delicate 3D moths with intricate veining in their wings dangling from black enameled hoops.

With their unique shape and gothic aesthetic, these make perfect earrings for Halloween costumes, events, and parties. The luna moth symbolism also makes them a thoughtful gift for friends who are undergoing transformation or positive life changes.

Luna Moth Symbolism

In nature, the luna moth lives an ephemeral life. They only live for about a week as an adult moth, existing solely to find a mate and reproduce. Their striking lime green color and long trailing wings give them an ethereal, magical appearance.

Because of the luna moth’s brief lifespan, their symbolic meaning is often associated with living fully in the present moment. They also represent personal growth, transformation, and resilience. Just as the luna moth emerges from its cocoon, we too can emerge from our own restrictive circumstances into lives of beauty.

Antiqued Silver Finish

The antiqued silver finish on these earrings has an elegant tarnish that gives them a true gothic look. The dark patina is selectively applied to accentuate the details of the moth wings and bodies for a realistic effect.

The finish pairs perfectly with the black enamel coating on the hoops. Together, they create vampire-chic earrings that go great with black outfits and makeup for a gothic or alternative look.

Comfortable and Secure

The hoop earrings measure 0.59 inches in diameter, with sturdy posts and backings that hold them securely in place. The moths hang below the hoops, dangling and swaying freely without being so long they tangle in your hair.

The lightweight zinc alloy construction ensures these remain comfortable for all-day wear. The smooth finish on the backings and posts prevents skin irritation as well, even if you have sensitive ears.

Gothic Style for Any Occasion

While these make perfect earrings for Halloween costumes, masquerade balls, and gothic events, their beauty transcends any particular style or occasion. The antiqued silver and black enamel coloring allows them to work for both day and night.

Pair them with black lipstick and a Victorian lace dress for a vampire masquerade look. Or keep your makeup natural and wear them with jeans and a t-shirt for an effortless boho-goth vibe.

Their delicate shape gives these gothic earrings a romantic, feminine energy as well. You can even wear them for formal occasions like weddings and graduations to add a subtle magical touch.

Unique Handcrafted Details

Examining the details on these earrings reveals the care put into handcrafting them. The body and wings of the moths feature etched veining and textured markings modeled after real luna moths.

Even the antennae are delicately shaped to curve realistically. Sacina chose to model the moths with their wings open in flight, capturing them in a state of ephemeral beauty.

Thoughtful Gift

Share the transformative symbolic meaning of the luna moth with loved ones by gifting these gothic earrings for birthdays, holidays, and celebrations.

Their antique silver coloring and intricate details give them year-round appeal. Or select them specially for Halloween, costume parties, and gothic gift recipients who will appreciate the aesthetic.

The classic shape allows them to complement a variety of personal styles as well. You can feel confident these will get use and be appreciated.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Sacina wants you to be fully satisfied with your gothic luna moth earrings. They offer a 30-day money back guarantee so you can buy with confidence.

If you are unsatisfied for any reason, contact Sacina’s customer service to return them for a full refund or replacement.

With their intricate details and moth symbolism, these make a gorgeous addition to any jewelry collection. The antiqued silver pairs perfectly with Halloween, masquerade, and everyday gothic styles. Click “Add to Cart” now to claim your pair!


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