Power Your 220V 50Hz Appliances Anywhere with UX-3K Step-Up Converter


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Need to run your 220V 50Hz appliances in a 120V 60Hz location? The UX-3K Step-Up Converter lets you power equipment requiring up to 220V 50Hz from a 120V 60Hz power source. With 3,000VA/2,700W continuous output capacity, it’s ideal for operating heavier loads like pumps, mills, welding machines and more.

Convert Voltage and Frequency with Precision

Featuring advanced double conversion technology, the UX-3K converts incoming 120V 60Hz to pure sine wave 220V 50Hz power. Select your desired 200V, 220V, 230V or 240V output voltage and 50Hz or 60Hz frequency on the front panel. Wide 180V-285V input voltage range with power factor correction ensures stable operation from erratic AC sources like generators.

Heavy-Duty Performance for Industrial Use

With 3,000VA/2,700W continuous output capacity, the UX-3K easily starts and runs power tools, motors, pumps, mills, welding equipment and other heavy-duty 220V 50Hz loads. 12.5A max output current delivers sufficient power for most equipment. Automatic reset protection prevents shutdown after temporary overloads. Durable steel case withstands harsh shop and industrial environments.

Precision Controls Prevent Damage

The UX-3K protects your valuable equipment from irregular power. Stabilized AC output voltage maintains equipment operating tolerances. Pure sine wave output prevents motor/transformer humming and vibration. Common neutral design isolates neutral-ground voltage. Smart cooling fan reduces noise and optimizes airflow. Get precision 220V 50Hz power for sensitive appliances and electronics.

Convenient Design for Portable Use

With integrated handles and compact dimensions under 2 cubic feet, the 44 lb UX-3K converter is easy to transport. 6ft input cord plugs into common NEMA 5-15 outlets. Screw-terminal output connections suit hardwired applications. Multi-function LCD displays voltage, load level, faults and settings. Save outlet space using the UX-3K anywhere 220V 50Hz power is needed.

Premium Brand Trusted for Quality

UX electronics has 40+ years experience manufacturing heavy-duty power protection solutions. Using quality components and rigorous testing, they engineer converters and inverters for performance you can trust. The UX-3K step-up converter combines reliable American design with competitive value. Expect years of trouble-free service.

Buy with Confidence for Worry-Free Operation

With advanced voltage/frequency conversion technology, industrial-grade durability and easy portability, the UX-3K step-up converter is the choice of repair shops, manufacturers and farmers for running 220V 50Hz equipment from 120V 60Hz sources.

Order the UX-3K Step-Up Converter today to power your 220V 50Hz tools, appliances and machinery anywhere!


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