Pierced Owl 14G Internally Threaded Titanium Nipple Barbells – Elegant and Body-Safe Jewelry


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Make a bold yet sophisticated statement with these beautifully crafted 14 gauge internally threaded nipple barbells from Pierced Owl. Expertly designed to accentuate and beautify your piercings, these barbells combine high-quality craftsmanship with delicate style for show-stopping allure.

Sleek and Structured Titanium Construction

Built from G23 implant grade titanium, these barbells offer exceptional strength and durability while remaining lightweight and comfortable in your piercings. The durable PVD plating gives the titanium a sleek black finish that gleams elegantly against the skin. Titanium is revered for its biocompatibility and hypoallergenic properties, making it an ideal choice for sensitive piercings. The interior threading allows for secure attachment of the decorative balls, preventing loosening or detachment.

Graceful yet Eye-Catching Decorative Balls

Capping off each end of the barbell is a smooth black ball measuring 5mm in diameter. These polished onyx-hued spheres add delicate beauty to the barbells, complementing the glossy PVD coated titanium. Their substantial size allows them to pop against the skin without being overpowering. Elevate your style with this chic and minimalist jewelry accent.

Optimized Dimensions for Comfort and Wearability

With a 14 gauge thickness, these barbells have heft without being bulky or unwieldy in your nipple piercings. The 1.6mm diameter creates a balanced presence that won’t feel heavy or overwhelmingly large. Choose between 1/2 inch and 5/8 inch wearable lengths to find your ideal fit. The shorter 1/2 inch option is great for petite piercings that need less dangling room, while the 5/8 inch grants a bit more movement for fuller length nipple piercings.

Body-Safe and Hypoallergenic Jewelry

These nipple barbells comply with stringent quality standards for jewelry worn in healed piercings. The interior medical-grade titanium construction makes them hypoallergenic and biocompatible, greatly minimizing the risk of irritation, infection, or rejection. Titanium is free of nickel and many other common metal allergens. The PVD coating further enhances the inert properties of the titanium, creating a non-toxic barrier between your skin and the jewelry. Pierced Owl only uses implant grade materials for all their body jewelry.

Simple Yet Alluring Style

Make a subtle yet gorgeously eye-catching impression with the elegant style of these black titanium nipple barbells. Their pared down spherical adornments and sleek PVD finish exude modern grace and sophistication. The black color emanates mystique and allure while remaining low key enough for everyday wear. Ideal for those who want jewelry that is stylishly minimalist rather than loud and flashy.

Ideal for New or Healed Nipple Piercings

This premium quality titanium jewelry is well-suited for both new nipple piercings as well as fully healed ones. The lightweight material places minimal pressure and strain on the delicate nipple tissue. And the internally threaded construction provides seamless insertion or removal without irritating the piercing channel. Once healed, these barbells make a perfect long-term jewelry option.

Easy Care and Maintenance

Keep your titanium nipple barbells looking like new by following proper hygiene practices. Gently clean the jewelry and piercing site daily using a mild antibacterial soap and warm water. Avoid harsh soaps, bleach, hydrogen peroxide, and other caustic chemicals that can degrade the finish. Take care not to snag or pull the jewelry when putting on or taking off clothing. Be sure to always clean the jewelry thoroughly after activities like swimming, exercising, tanning etc.

The Pierced Owl Difference

Take your style to new aesthetic heights with nipple jewelry from Pierced Owl. Obsessed with helping clients decorate their bodies beautifully, Pierced Owl offers an extensive selection of premium quality body jewelry. Their team of piercing enthusiasts and fashion mavens curate pieces that are revered both for their style and uncompromising craftsmanship. With Pierced Owl, you get stunning design paired with conscientious construction.

Give your nipple piercings the adornment they deserve. Order the 14G black titanium nipple barbells from Pierced Owl today!


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