Marrywindix 2 Pairs 47″ Pink Satin Ribbon Flat Shoelaces – Wide Silk Laces for Sneakers, Boots, Skate Shoes




Transform your shoes with the vibrant style of Marrywindix’s 2 pairs pink satin ribbon shoelaces. These flat 47″ laces are made of soft, smooth satin that adds a feminine touch to sneakers, boots, skate shoes and more. The 3/4″ width fills lace holes nicely for a perfect fit.

Dress up your footwear with these colorful flat laces that express your fun personality. The versatile pink pairs perfectly with white, black, grey, blue and other shoe colors. Use them in athletic shoes, casual slip-ons, dress flats, Oxfords, heels and any shoes with laces.

Pretty Satin Ribbon Style

Made of satin, these flat shoelaces have a stylish ribbon design that brings flair to your footwear. The soft, flexible satin has a luminous sheen and vibrant color that pops. The 3/4″ width adds feminine style while fitting comfortably in eyelet holes.

Each set includes two 47″ long pink shoelaces, giving you one pair for each shoe. The length allows you to lace up higher on boots or tie a neat bow at the top. Express your colorful personality by matching or contrasting the pink with your shoe color.

For Sneakers, Boots, Dress Shoes & More

Show off your style with these universal pink shoelaces that go with all types of footwear. The flat ribbon design works perfectly for slip-on sneakers, athletic shoes and canvas shoes. Give your sports shoes a cheerful color pop by lacing up with these pink laces.

Women’s boots and booties look extra chic dressed up with these wide pink laces. Coordinate with brown, black or tan boots for a pop of color. The silky ribbon laces also complement Oxfords, Mary Janes and other dress shoes for everything from school to weddings.

Premium Satin Ribbon Material

Marrywindix constructs these stylish shoelaces from high-quality satin ribbon. The flexible, durable satin has a luxurious luminous sheen and seamless edges. The material is soft and smooth for comfy wear all day long.

The flat ribbon design stays tied securely all day without coming loose. Pink goes with any shoe color from white to neon brights to black. Express your personal style by matching or contrasting your laces.

More Than Just Shoelaces

Don’t stop at shoes – these premium satin ribbons have lots of uses! Use them as gorgeous hair ties, wrist cuffs or ankle bracelets. Tie a bow around a gift bag or use pieces to make DIY crafts, dolls, cards and jewelry.

Their vivid pink color and satin sheen make them perfect for decorating at weddings, baby showers, birthdays, Christmas and other celebrations. Add some color and texture by tying ribbons around napkins, chairs or floral arrangements.

With two 47″ long pink satin ribbons, this set offers so many possibilities. Unleash your creativity with Marrywindix’s flat satin shoelaces that bring style to all your shoes – and more!


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