Make Your Shoes Fit Like a Glove with Liren’s Heel Pads – 6 Pairs of Microfiber Inserts to Stop Slipping and Add Cushioning


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Struggling with shoes that are loose in the back? Do your heels slip out of pumps or slide in boots? Stop the sliding and start feeling fabulous in your favorite shoes with Liren’s Heel Pads.

This set comes with 6 pairs of microfiber inserts that easily adhere inside shoes and grip your heel. The soft fleece material prevents rubbing while the durable sponge layer provides cushioning with every step. Just stick them in, slip your shoes on, and feel the customized fit.

These ingenious little pads have a microfiber outer layer that’s soft on skin to prevent blisters or irritation. Inside is a high-quality sponge core that compresses with each step to absorb impact. The microfiber fabric on the outer side also grips to keep your heel from slipping.

The heel pads have a strong adhesive on one side that sticks to the interior of the shoe. It’s built to hold through wears without leaving a sticky residue on the shoe. Just peel the paper backing and press it in place for a custom fit every time.

Liren’s Heel Pads Come in Handy for:

Making Shoes Fit Snugly

If you have a favorite pair that’s gotten stretched out over time, these inserts take up the extra space. The microfiber outer layer presses gently on the heel to prevent sliding. You’ll get that perfect fit you love when the shoes were new.

Preventing Blisters

Excess movement when shoes are loose can lead to painful blisters on your heel. Liren’s microfiber fleece material keeps your skin cushioned. The smooth fabric prevents friction that causes hot spots.

Absorbing Impact

The supportive sponge layer compressed with every step to reduce shock. This prevents foot pain and fatigue from walking or standing in heels all day.

Easing Pressure on the Heel

For conditions like plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, or arthritis, uncomfortable pressure can build up on the heel. Liren’s Heel Pads add padding and support, spreading out force to minimize pain.

Making Boots Fit Comfortably

Slipping in boots can be annoying and hazardous on winter terrain. These adhesive pads grip your heel so you can walk steadily without your foot sliding forward.

Stopping the Back of Flats from Falling Down

Some flats don’t have backing that comes up very high on the heel. Pop these inserts in to keep your foot from sliding out the back as you walk.

Securing Heels on Your Feet

Tired of teetering in pumps because your heels are loose? These discreet pads keep your foot from sliding forward as you walk. Your heels will stay put so you can strut confidently.

Customizing the Fit of New Shoes

Brand new shoes can take some time to break in and conform to your feet. Heel pads provide a custom fit right away so you can enjoy new shoes in comfort.

Gripping Kids’ Feet in Big Shoes

Little kids go through shoes so quickly! Make their current pair last longer with Liren’s heel pads to grip and prevent slipping until they’re ready for the next size.

Why You’ll Love Liren’s Heel Pads:

  • Made of soft microfiber fleece that’s gentle on skin to prevent irritation
  • Sponge core compresses with every step for shock absorption
  • Strong adhesive backing sticks securely inside shoes
  • Prevents heels from sliding up and down or slipping out of shoes
  • Provides cushioning and reduces pressure on the heel
  • Fits most shoe styles including heels, boots, sneakers, and more
  • Comes in a set of 6 pairs so you can customize multiple shoes
  • Easy to trim size for a perfect fit every time

Experience the joy of shoes that fit like they were made for your feet with Liren’s Heel Pads. No more clomping around in loose shoes or enduring pinchy tight ones trying to keep them on your feet. Just stick these pads in, slip your shoes on, and get all-day comfort with a custom fit.

If you’ve ever struggled with getting shoes to fit right, these are an essential item that every shoe lover needs. Liven up your look without the fuss of uncomfortable slipping and sliding. These discreet inserts make all your favorites fit like a dream.

Don’t put up with heel slippage and blisters another day – take control of your shoe fit now with Liren’s Heel Pads!


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