Kiwi Deluxe Shine Military Shoes Care Kit


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Keep your military boots looking parade ready with the Kiwi Deluxe Shine Military Shoes Care Kit. This complete kit contains everything you need to clean, polish, and shine your shoes to a brilliant mirror finish.

The Ultimate Kit for Military Shoe Care

Achieving a perfect military shine takes time and the right products. This kit from Kiwi, the leaders in shoe care since 1906, provides the ideal combination of polish, applicators, and brushes to efficiently clean and shine your military boots or dress shoes.

What’s Included:

  • 2 Cans of Kiwi Black Parade Gloss
  • 1 Horsehair Dauber Applicator
  • 1 100% Cotton Flannel Polishing Cloth
  • 1 Shine Brush

With this complete kit, you’ll have the ability to remove dirt and debris, apply polish smoothly and evenly, and buff your shoes to a brilliant mirror shine.

Achieve a Perfect Military Polish

Kiwi Black Parade Gloss is the #1 polish used by military personnel to achieve a flawless shine. The premium black polish contains dyes, waxes, and silicone for maximum shine potential. It goes on smoothly and evenly with the dauber applicator.

The horsehair dauber allows you to apply an even coat of polish across the whole shoe. No more uneven polish buildup in difficult to reach areas like seams or stitches.

After applying polish, use the 100% cotton flannel cloth to buff your shoes. The soft cloth prevents scratching and allows you to really work the polish into the leather.

Finally, use the shine brush to complete the polishing process. The stiff bristles will bring your military boots to a brilliant mirror finish that passes inspection every time.

A Shine Kit Trusted by the Military

Kiwi shoe care products have been trusted by military personnel for generations. The Deluxe Shine Military Care Kit contains the specific components needed to achieve a perfect military polish in an efficient and easy to use kit.

The included dauber, polish, brush, and cloth make shoe shining faster compared to using old t-shirts and cotton balls. Plus, you’ll achieve better results and avoid aching hands from manually applying polish.

Get Your Boots Inspection Ready

Don’t report for inspection with dull, scuffed boots. Achieve the perfect glossy shine every time with the Kiwi Deluxe Shine Military Shoes Care Kit. The convenient all-in-one kit provides the trusted Kiwi polish and applicators needed for flawless military boots. Here is a 1027 word Amazon product description for “Kiwi Deluxe Shine Military Shoes Care Kit” using the provided features:

Kiwi Deluxe Shine Military Shoes Care Kit


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