Keep Warm and Protected All Winter Long with the Russian Style Winter Trapper Hat for Men and Women


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Feel the frosty air nip at your ears and nose? It’s time to batten down the hatches and protect yourself from the elements with the Winter Trapper Hat for Men and Women. This ushanka style aviator hat provides 360 degree coverage to keep your head, ears, neck and even your face warm and toasty all winter long.

Full Cold Weather Protection

The Winter Trapper Hat features a Russian and Soviet style ushanka fur hat with fold down ear flaps and an attached scarf and face mask to provide complete 360 degree protection from frigid winds. The ear flaps can be worn up for ventilation or folded down over your ears for extra warmth. The mask fully covers your face from nose to neck and attaches to the hat with velcro. An adjustable velcro strap allows you to tighten or loosen the mask to your desired fit.

With full coverage on your head, ears, neck and face, this trapper hat keeps you completely shielded from icy winter winds. The mask features a slit opening so you can easily access your mouth or nose without removing the whole mask. No more frozen ears, wind burned cheeks or runny noses! This trapper hat cocoons your head and neck in a protective layer of warmth and comfort.

Toasty Warm Faux Fur and Cotton Insulation

The outside of the Winter Trapper Hat is constructed from durable, waterproof polyester to protect from snow and rain. The inside lining consists of incredibly soft, faux fur that feels great against your skin and prevents heat loss. The middle layer is filled with cotton insulation to trap body heat close to your head. This combination of outer shell, cotton fill and faux fur lining keeps your head extra warm and comfortable.

The mask, ear flaps and neck scarf are all fully lined with the soft faux fur as well to envelop your entire head and neck in its soothing warmth. The winter trapper hat keeps you so toasty, you’ll think you transported yourself straight to the Russian tundra!

Perfect Winter Accessory for Men and Women

This ushanka style trapper hat comes in one size fits most adults. With an internal head circumference of 54-60 cm (roughly 21 to 23.6 inches), it will fit the majority of men and women. Kids may need a tighter fit, so measure their head size first before purchasing.

The winter hat is designed in a versatile unisex style perfect for both men and women. The fold down ear flaps and face mask give it a rugged outdoorsman look, while the faux fur lining adds some stylish flair. Pair it with your favorite winter jacket, snow boots and scarf for a complete cold weather ensemble.

Great for Outdoor Winter Activities

The protective winter trapper hat works wonderfully for all kinds of outdoor activities in the snow and cold. The ear flaps, scarf and mask will shield you from the elements whether hiking, hunting, fishing, skiing, snowboarding, sledding, snowshoeing, camping or any other winter adventures.

The hat is also perfect for everyday wear around town in frigid climates. Wear it to the ski lodge, around campus in the snow, ice skating on the pond, walking the dog on chilly mornings or any other cold weather activities. The winter trapper hat keeps your head and neck warm and comfortable in even the most extreme subzero temperatures.

Order the Complete Winter Trapper Hat Today!

Don’t let icy winds and freezing temperatures stop you from enjoying the great outdoors this winter. Grab the Russian style winter trapper hat featuring a fold down ear flap ushanka, removable face mask and scarf for full head, face and neck protection. Keep your whole head warm while having the flexibility to flip the ear flaps up or down and loosen or tighten the mask as needed.

This ushanka makes a great gift for the outdoor adventurer in your life as well. Surprise them with the gift of warmth this holiday season!

Order now and get the winter trapper hat delivered straight to your door. Keep the frigid air out and cozy warmth sealed in all winter long!


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