Jurassic World Dinosaur Boys Graphic T-Shirt 4-Pack




Let your dino-loving boy show off his Jurassic style in this epic 4-pack of Jurassic World t-shirts. These colorful tees featuring awesome dinosaur designs will be his new favorite shirts.

Iconic Jurassic Park Logo

The classic Jurassic Park logo takes center stage on one of the t-shirts in this 4-pack. The iconic red, black and white logo looks like it came straight off the gates of the famous dinosaur theme park. Your Jurassic World fan will love repping this classic logo.

Colorful Dinosaur Designs

In addition to the classic logo tee, this 4-pack includes three other shirts featuring amazing dinosaur designs. Each soft cotton tee spotlights a different Jurassic World dinosaur against a vibrant background color.

The ferocious T-rex appears on a bright green shirt, ready to take a bite. A stealthy blue Velociraptor shirt captures the clever carnivore in action. For the plant-eaters, there’s a red Stygimoloch tee and a navy blue Triceratops top.

Roaring Good Quality

These Jurassic World tees are made from a soft and durable cotton blend designed for active young dinosaur fans. The ribbed crew neck collars keep their shape wash after wash. Vibrant screenprinted graphics won’t fade over time. Built for adventure, just like your kiddo.

Perfect for Dino Fans

For kids who can’t get enough ferocious dinos, extinct creatures, and epic adventure, these Jurassic World shirts will be a hit. Let them show off their prehistoric style whether heading back to school, attending a birthday bash, going on vacation, or just playing in the backyard.

Great Gift Idea

Surprise your Jurassic World obsessed child with this awesome t-shirt 4-pack on his birthday or special occasion. Or brighten up his dresser drawer just because. It makes a great gift idea for the dinosaur kid in your life. The colorful variety means he’ll have a different dino shirt for every day of the week.

Blend in with the Herd

Kids will love blending in with the herd by wearing their favorite Jurassic World dinosaur on these graphic tees. Whether your child loves mighty T-rex, clever Velociraptors, horned Stygimoloch, armored Triceratops, or all of the above, they can pick their prehistoric pal.

Roar with Excitement

The vivid colors and ferocious dinosaur designs will make kids roar with excitement over these Jurassic World shirts. The cool dinosaur graphics will make them eager to get dressed in the mornings. You won’t have to coax them to change out of pajamas before leaving the house.

Fun for Playtime

These comfy cotton blend tees are perfect for active kids during playtime, recess, theme park trips, and more. The crew neck keeps everything in place while the short sleeves allow free movement. Machine washable fabric means you can easily clean up after messy adventures.

Officially Licensed

With authentic Jurassic World graphics, these dinosaur shirts are officially licensed merchandise. You can be confident you’re getting a quality product that looks just like the dinosaurs from the blockbuster films. Let your kiddo display their Jurassic World fandom.

Available in Boys Sizes

This 4-pack of Jurassic World tees comes in a variety of boys sizes so you can get just the right fit. Available in sizes S through XL, they’ll be a hit with kids from 4 to 12 years old. Now your dino boy can get the perfect Jurassic World shirt.

Let your child show off their dinosaur obsession in ferociously cool style with this set of Jurassic World boys graphic t-shirts featuring their favorite prehistoric creatures.


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