Illuminate Your Handbag with This Stylish Sensor Activated Purse Light




Tired of rummaging through a dark abyss just to find your keys? Say goodbye to the black hole of your handbag with this innovative purse light.

This compact LED light easily clips onto any inner pocket or strap, lighting up your bag’s interior when you simply touch the outside. The sensitive sensor activates the bright white light for 12 seconds, allowing you plenty of time to grab what you need.

Weighing only 0.7oz with a 1.8″ diameter, this purse light won’t weigh down your bag. The sleek heart-shaped design also adds a touch of style. It makes a fantastic gift for any woman in your life – daughter, wife, mom, sister or friend!

The battery is replaceable and lasts ages, so you’ll get tons of use out of this handy light. Ditch the messy contents of an endless purse and take back your bag with this sensor activated purse light. Order this must-have accessory today to organize your handbag and make your life easier!


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