iF YOU Tiny Gold & Silver Twisted Hoop Earrings Set – 9 Pairs of Hypoallergenic Small Hoops for Cartilage, Multiple Piercings




The iF YOU Tiny Gold & Silver Twisted Hoop Earrings Set includes 9 pairs of petite hoop earrings perfect for ear piercings. This set features an assortment of chic 14K gold plated and 925 sterling silver small hoop earrings in various stylish designs.

Tiny Hoops for Pierced Ears

Each pair of hoops in this earring set has a tiny, delicate design that looks darling in your cartilage, lobes, and multiple ear piercings. The itty-bitty hoop size has a subtle presence that complements any outfit. These mini hoops are lightweight and comfortable for all day wear.

Twisted Styles

The iF YOU earring set includes pairs of 14K gold and sterling silver huggie hoops with a twisted design. The innovative crisscross shape and high polish finish give these petite hoops a modern, eye-catching look.

Hypoallergenic Metals

The hoop earrings are crafted from nickel-free metals that prevent skin irritation. The 14K gold plated pairs are made from brass with multiple layers of gold for tarnish resistance and dazzling shine. The sterling silver hoops contain 92.5% pure silver for a luxurious finish.

Secure Hinged Clasp

Each pair features an easy to use hinged clasp that enables you to comfortably put on and remove the earrings. The smooth closure keeps the tiny hoops securely in place in your piercings.

9 Pairs of Hoop Earrings

This set comes with 9 pairs of hoop earrings, including:

  • 3 pairs petite 14K gold plated twisted hoops
  • 3 pairs tiny sterling silver twisted hoops
  • 1 pair thin 14K gold plated hoops
  • 1 pair dainty 925 sterling silver hoops
  • 1 pair mini 14K gold plated twisted huggie hoops

Beautiful Gift

Presented in a jewelry gift box, this earring set makes a gorgeous gift for birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, graduation and more! Surprise your mom, girlfriend, wife, daughter or friend with these dazzling hoops.

Versatile Styles

From the office to a night out, these petite hoop earrings complement any outfit. The polished precious metals and chic huggie hoop designs work for both casual everyday wear and dressy occasions. This earring set provides versatile, high quality hoops to match all your fashion needs!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We stand behind the quality and beauty of our earrings. Please contact us on Amazon with any product issues or questions. Your satisfaction is important to us!

Tiny Hoop Earrings for Multiple Piercings

Flaunt several ear piercings? This earring set offers pairs of perfectly-sized hoops for all of your cartilage, helix, lobe, and other ear piercings. Mix and match the 14K gold and sterling silver mini hoops to create endless stylish combinations. The petite hoop diameters won’t crowd your ear.

comfortable and Lightweight

The thin, lightweight hoop designs feel weightless in your piercings. At just a few millimeters wide, these mini hoops move fluidly with you and are comfy enough for daily wear. The smooth finish prevents snagging in your hair or on masks and face coverings.

Dainty Jewelry that Lasts

Don’t let the petite size fool you – these huggie hoops are made to last thanks to quality materials and sturdy construction. 14K gold plating ensures the earrings resist tarnishing so you can enjoy their glossy shine. The earrings are built for durability with resilient metals that won’t bend out of shape.

High Polish for Added Sparkle

A mirror-like high polish finish gives these small hoops subtle yet striking shine. As you move, the polished gold and silver hoops pick up glimmers of light. The smooth texture also makes these metal earrings easy to keep clean.

Hypoallergenic for Sensitive Ears

Made with nickel-free brass and sterling silver, these hoop earrings are suitable for sensitive ears. 14K gold plating provides a protective barrier to prevent skin irritation. Enjoy these beautiful earrings comfortably.

Show off your chic style with the iF YOU Tiny Gold & Silver Twisted Hoop Earrings Set! This assortment offers petite 14K gold and sterling silver hoops to mix and match in all your piercings. The polished precious metals and innovative crisscross designs make these hoops delicate yet dazzling. Give the gift of versatile, everyday earrings with this set!


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