HESTYA 40-Pack White Plastic Plain Headbands – Versatile Hair Accessories for Effortless Styling and DIY Decoration


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Looking for a pack of high-quality, comfortable plastic headbands to complete your hairstyles or use for crafting projects? Search no further than this 40-pack of plain white headbands from HESTYA!

These versatile 1-inch wide headbands are made of durable, flexible ABS plastic that won’t pinch or pull your hair. The smooth, teeth-less inner band gently keeps stray hairs in place without damage, while the matte white exterior lends itself well to decoration.

Keep Flyaways Under Control

We’ve all dealt with those pesky shorter hairs that just won’t stay put! While bobby pins sometimes do more harm than good, these gentle no-teeth headbands smoothly hold back flyaways and shorter layers for a polished look.

Their slim 1-inch width and rounded edges provide a subtle hair accessory that won’t overwhelm your style. Just slip one on over ponytails, braids, buns, or loose hair to instantly finish your look.

Craft the Perfect Accessory

The plain white band is a blank canvas ready for your creative touch! Decorate them with ribbon, fabric, felt, sequins, buttons, faux flowers, or anything else you can dream up.

Make them coordinate with your wedding colors, your school colors for a game day, your team logo, or your child’s birthday party theme. The possibilities are endless when you DIY with these bands!

They also make thoughtful customized gifts for bridesmaids, classmates, sports teammates, and other groups. Simply add colors and accents that fit the recipient’s style and personality.

Comfortable, Odor-Free Wear

The smooth plastic is comfortable against your hair and skin. It flexes to provide the perfect fit for all head sizes rather than being stiff and headache-inducing. You’ll barely notice you’re wearing them!

Many plastic accessories carry an odd chemical manufacturing odor, but not these bands. They are odor-free right out of the package so you can confidently wear them all day.

Reliable Quality from HESTYA

HESTYA is a trusted brand that only uses top-grade materials in their hair accessories and jewelry. These headbands are crafted from durable ABS plastic that retains its shape and won’t break easily.

The bands are 5.5 x 4.3 inches in size to fit both women and young girls comfortably. Their sleek matte finish prevents irritation and perfectly suits decoration while coordinating with any style.

Take Your Hair Game to the Next Level!

Level up your hairstyling and take on new craft projects with this must-have set of 40 plain white headbands from HESTYA! Their simple yet versatile design keeps flyaways in check while also serving as the ideal DIY hair accessory base.

The high-quality plastic is comfortable, odor-free, and ready for your creative touch. Make them your own with trims and embellishments to match any occasion or outfit.

Don’t spend time on frustrating hair struggles or settling for flimsy hair accessories. Get the perfect finishing touch for every style with these comfortable craft headbands!

Product Details:

– Set of 40 white plastic headbands
– Each band is 1 inch wide
– Made of smooth, flexible ABS plastic
– Rounded edges for comfort
– Teeth-less design prevents hair damage
– Odor-free and comfortable to wear
– Headband size: 5.5 x 4.3 inches
– Suits women and young girls
– Matte white finish ideal for DIY decoration
– Durable, won’t easily break or lose shape

Transform your hairstyles and get creative with this pack of 40 plain headbands from HESTYA! They make hair hassles disappear and open up limitless DIY craft possibilities.


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