Gowraps Neoprene Luggage Handle Covers – Cute & Protective Suitcase Wraps for Travel


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Gowraps Luggage Handle Wraps

Make your suitcase stand out from the crowd with Gowraps’ adorable and protective neoprene luggage handle covers. These stretchy handle wraps slip easily over airline, train, and cruise ship luggage handles to add a pop of color while also protecting handles from scuffs and scratches.

Choose from trendy designs like floral patterns, geometric shapes, adorable animals, and more to show off your unique style while traveling. The vivid colors and joyful patterns ensure your suitcase is easily identifiable in the stream of neutral rolling bags at the airport, train station, or cruise port.

Protect Handles from Wear and Tear

Slipping on and off in seconds, Gowraps’ handle wraps cushion your luggage handle during transit to prevent scrapes, scratches, and punctures to the handle. The durable neoprene construction absorbs impacts from bumps and rough baggage handling.

Stretchy & Adjustable to Fit Any Luggage

These one-size-fits-all handle wraps stretch to accommodate any luggage handle, whether it’s an extended suitcase handle or a short tote bag strap. The adjustable diameter ranges from 1 inch to 1.5 inches wide, suiting everything from small purses to large checked bags. Gowraps guarantee a custom fit.

Lightweight & Compact Accessory

Don’t waste valuable packing space and weight on bulky accessories. At just 0.2 ounces and folding up into a compact 3 x 5 inch pouch, these handle wraps add whimsical style without adding bulk or weight to your luggage. Easy to toss into a corner of your suitcase!

Fun Designs to Match Your Style

Why settle for boring black when you can rock flamingos, pineapples, polka dots, and more? Gowraps’ designs ranging from whimsical patterns to personalized initials mean you can find the perfect handle wrap to showcase your unique taste.

High-Quality Neoprene Material

Constructed from durable 3.5mm neoprene containing spandex for stretch, these handle wraps are made to last trip after trip. The thick, high-quality material resists rips and tears while providing padding and protection. Vibrant dyes ensure the patterns pop while resisting fading.

Provides a Sanitary Barrier

An added benefit of the neoprene handle covers is providing a clean barrier between your hands and germy public luggage cart handles. Slip them on for peace of mind while using airport luggage carts, hotel bell hop carts, and public transportation carts.

Easy Identification on Luggage Carousels

Tired of waiting at the luggage carousel while every other black suitcase circles past? These bright, colorful handle wraps make your luggage instantly identifiable in the sea of bags. Don’t lose sight of your luggage again!

Key Features:

  • Cute designs like florals, paw prints, polka dots
  • One-size-fits-all, stretchy neoprene material
  • Protects handles from scuffs and scratches
  • Folds into compact 3 x 5 inch pouch
  • Vibrant, fade-resistant dyes
  • Provides sanitary barrier
  • Easy luggage identification

A dash of happy color, stylish patterns, luggage protection, and peace of mind. Travel in style with Gowraps’ neoprene luggage handle covers!


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