Goat Union Overnight Period Underwear for Heavy Flow – Maximum Absorbency & Leak Protection While You Sleep


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Sleep soundly on your heaviest days of your period with Goat Union’s overnight period underwear. Specially designed for overnight use during heavy flows, these high waisted briefs provide full coverage absorbency and leak protection while you sleep.

The ultra-absorbent middle panel holds up to 3-4 regular tampons worth of flow. An extended rear section hugs areas prone to back leaks so you can sleep mess-free all night. Made from soft, breathable fabrics, these underwear keep you dry, protected, and comfortable.

Unrivaled Overnight Absorbency

Say goodbye to annoying midnight changes and worrying about leaks in bed. The middle absorbent panel on these briefs can hold up to 3-4 regular tampons worth of your flow. Super soft and flexible, it moves with you while locking in moisture.

An extended rear provides backup absorption for potential back leaks during overnight use. The full coverage design also eliminates the need for a tampon or pad at night. Just pop on a clean pair of absorbent underwear and sleep easy through the night.

Breathable, Moisture-Wicking Fabrics

Stay fresh and comfortable all night thanks to the breathable, moisture-wicking fabric. The soft, silky lining keeps you dry by pulling wetness away from the skin into the absorbent inner core. This creates a StayDry layer against the skin so you feel clean and fresh.

The ultra-soft outer fabric also allows maximum air circulation to prevent overheating or irritation. As you move through different sleep positions, these underwear provide lightweight, breathable protection.

Full Leak Protection You Can Trust

Finally, put an end to changing sheets or PJs due to period leaks in the middle of the night. The full coverage absorbent panel catches leaks front to back and side to side. Even on nights when your flow is at its heaviest, you can trust these underwear to keep you protected.

The high waist stays in place and keeps the absorbent panel against your body. Toss and turn as much as you want – the wide, thick, absorbent panel and extended rear gusset keep liquids locked in. Say goodbye to nighttime leak worries and wake up dry and refreshed.

Perfect for Periods, Postpartum, and More

While specially designed for overnight use on heavy period days, these briefs work great all day on light and medium flow days too. They also make excellent postpartum underwear as you recover from childbirth and deal with bleeding and discharge.

For those with urinary incontinence, the high absorbency underwear can give you extra protection against leaks if you tend to experience accidents overnight.

Goodbye Disposables, Hello Reusables

Bid farewell to the endless buying, using, and tossing of disposable menstrual products. These briefs replace single-use pads and tampons to reduce waste and save you money. Just rinse, wash, hang dry, and repeat use each cycle.

By switching to reusable undies, you lower your environmental footprint. Over a lifetime, a single menstruator throws away about 10,000 pads or tampons. That plastic waste heads straight to landfills. Make the switch to reusables and play your part in maintaining a healthy planet.

Innovative Leak-Proof Design

Goat Union engineered these underwear with maximum leak protection in mind. The extended rear gusset reaches higher in the back to protect against potential leaks during overnight wear. Flatlock seams prevent leaks by keeping the multi-layered absorbent panel seamlessly in place.

The breathable yet highly hydrophobic lining also keeps liquids from seeping through to clothes or sheets. Together, these features provide unbeatable overnight protection.

Luxuriously Soft Materials

Despite the advanced leak-proof engineering, these underwear still feel pleasantly soft and lightweight. The silky smooth liner cradles your skin in total comfort. The outer fabric feels silky and cool to the touch.

The stretchy material allows the briefs to move with your body, adapting to shifts in position during sleep. Enjoy luxurious softness and breathability as you snooze through the night.

True-to-Size Fit

For the most leakproof fit, follow the Goat Union sizing chart when ordering. The chart provides detailed measurements based on US sizes to help you select your ideal size. Our sizing ensures a snug fit that keeps the absorbent panel flush against you.

For ideal overnight protection, many customers recommend sizing down if between sizes. The underwear stretches to accommodate you while still delivering a secure leakproof fit all night long.

Sleep Easy with Maximum Overnight Absorbency

Now you can finally sleep through your heaviest nights with total confidence. Goat Union overnight period underwear offers complete leak protection along with breathable softness. Say goodbye to changing sheets or uncomfortable disposable products and experience peaceful, uninterrupted sleep. Click Add to Cart now for absorbent protection you can trust!


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