Fahlo Giraffe Tracking Bracelet – Elastic – Supports Somali Giraffe Project




Make a Connection and Help Save an Endangered Species

The majestic reticulated giraffe, with its stunning spotted coat, is the world’s tallest land mammal. But did you know this incredible creature is endangered and facing extinction? With an estimated population of less than 15,000 left in the wild, the reticulated giraffe needs our help.

That’s where the Fahlo Giraffe Tracking Bracelet comes in. This adjustable unisex bracelet allows you to symbolically adopt and track an individual giraffe in Somalia through the non-profit Somali Giraffe Project. A portion of the proceeds from each bracelet helps fund their conservation efforts to protect this at-risk species.

Learn Your Giraffe’s Story

Each Fahlo bracelet comes with a unique adoption code. Register your code online to discover your giraffe’s name, photo, fun facts, and family tree. You’ll gain fascinating insights into the life of these amazing creatures. Track your giraffe’s movements across Somalia with an interactive map updated throughout the year. Seeing where your giraffe roams makes their world more real.

The Perfect Gift

The Fahlo Giraffe Tracking Bracelet makes a thoughtful gift for the nature lover in your life. The adjustable elastic band fits most adult wrists comfortably. The engraved giraffe charm is a daily reminder of the wildlife we need to protect. Give one as a birthday, holiday, or graduation present to share the experience of helping an endangered species while learning about an extraordinary animal.


  • Adopt and track a reticulated giraffe in Somalia
  • Adjustable unisex elastic band fits most wrists
  • Engraved giraffe charm made from zinc alloy
  • Learn your giraffe’s name, facts, family tree, and view photo
  • Follow their movements across Somalia on an interactive map
  • Portion of proceeds supports the Somali Giraffe Project

Help Save a Species

Reticulated giraffes face mounting threats, including habitat loss, poaching, and civil unrest in Somalia. By purchasing the Fahlo bracelet, you contribute to programs that provide:

  • Protection and monitoring of giraffe populations
  • Tracking with GPS collars to study movements and behavior
  • Community education and engagement
  • Anti-poaching patrols and snare removal
  • Habitat and food plant restoration

With your support, the Somali Giraffe Project can further its vital conservation mission. Your gift helps fund field teams, research, and community initiatives that give hope to the world’s tallest animal.

An Enduring Reminder

The Fahlo Giraffe Tracking Bracelet keeps the fragile plight of this endangered species close. Let it serve as a reminder of the impact even one person can have. Your purchase allows you to adopt one of nature’s most awe-inspiring creatures while helping protect giraffes for generations to come.


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