EST Two Way Shoe Stretcher – Adjust Length & Width – Relieves Pain


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Achieve the perfect custom fit for all your shoes with the EST Two Way Shoe Stretcher. This innovative product allows you to adjust both the length and width of your shoes to match your feet precisely. Stretch and expand tight shoes to relieve pressure on bunions, corns and sore spots for pain-free wear. The durable wooden design works on all shoe types and materials to make shoes more comfortable while enhancing their lifespan.

High Quality Solid Wood Construction

The EST shoe stretcher is handcrafted from natural solid pine wood sustainably sourced from renewable forests. The sturdy wooden construction shapes shoes gently without damage. Pine wood’s natural hydrating properties also help retain the suppleness of leather shoes. An ergonomic metal handle and steel tension rod provide lasting strength and stability for reliable stretching.

Dual Knobs Adjust Length and Width

Turn one knob to evenly increase the length of shoes up to two sizes larger. A second knob expands the width to stretch tight areas causing discomfort. The innovative two way design allows you to truly customize the exact fit of any shoe. Stretch only length, only width or both for the perfect fit.

Targeted Bunion Plugs

Included with the stretcher are four targeted bunion plugs that insert into the sides. These concentrated pressure points stretch and widen specific spots like the toe box, sides or vamp. Bunion plugs relieve pain from bunions, corns, hammertoes and bone spurs for pain-free wear. No more limping around in shoes that are too tight!

Works on Nearly Any Shoe Style

This high quality shoe stretcher is effective on a wide variety of footwear styles and materials:

  • Flats
  • Heels up to 2 inches
  • Sneakers
  • Athletic shoes
  • Oxfords
  • Boots
  • Leather
  • Synthetic
  • Canvas

The two way stretcher flexes and forms to the contours of any shoe, molding them wider or longer. Not recommended for tall boots over the calf.

Easy Turnbuckle Operation

Using the EST stretcher is simple. Insert it fully into the shoe then turn the knobs clockwise. The turnbuckle tension system applies steady outward pressure. Turn the knobs to the desired level of stretch. Keep the stretcher in the shoe overnight or 24 hours allowing the materials to gently relax into the new shape. Enjoy custom fitted shoes offering all day comfort.

Achieve the Perfect Fit

No more limping around in shoes that don’t fit quite right. This innovative two way stretcher lets you tailor the exact length and width needed for happy feet. Stretch too tight shoes to stop pinching and rubbing. Size up shoes that are slightly too small. Adjust the width in specific spots to eliminate pressure points. With a custom fit, shoes become more comfortable with fewer abrasions and blisters.

Enhance the Life of Your Shoes

Don’t discard uncomfortable shoes. This stretcher lets you customize them to your feet, extending their lifespan. The right fit means shoes hold their shape better with less creasing and damage too. Why buy another expensive pair when you can make your current shoes feel brand new again?

Save Money and Reduce Waste

Shoes are one of the largest sources of waste in landfills. The EST two way stretcher lets you reuse old shoes instead of contributing to the problem. You’ll also save money since you won’t have to replace shoes as frequently. It’s a green solution that’s gentler on the planet and your wallet.

Trusted Brand with Quality Materials

EST is a trusted brand that only uses top grade materials in their products. The stretcher is constructed from solid natural pine wood and tempered steel components. It won’t bend or splinter even after repeated use. EST believes in making effective products that last using eco-friendly materials.

One Year Guarantee

EST stands behind their shoe stretchers with a one year replacement guarantee. They believe in their quality and want customers to be fully satisfied. You can stretch your shoes with confidence knowing EST has you covered.

Two Way Stretcher for Customized Comfort

Don’t suffer with shoes that are slightly too small or pinch your feet. The innovative EST Two Way Shoe Stretcher lets you adjust the length and width precisely. Gain relief from foot pain and customize shoes for a perfect fit. Order today to make old shoes feel new again!


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