Daydance Ballet Pointe Shoes for Girls and Women – Comfortable, Durable, and Elegant Shoes for Dancing




Step into the spotlight and take center stage with the Daydance ballet pointe shoes for girls and women. Built with quality materials and expert construction, these ballerina shoes provide the support and flexibility needed to help you perfect your fouettés, pirouettes, and grand jetés.

The satin upper material not only provides a polished, elegant look, but it is also durable to withstand hours of dancing. The cotton lining wicks away moisture to keep your feet dry as you rehearse and perform. The intensive paper material in the box and shank gives the structure to help you balance en pointe as you gracefully rise and extend through your feet. The ribbon band inside reinforces the shoes and ties securely around the ankle.

Sizing and Fit:

For the ideal fit, be sure to select the size according to the feet length. These shoes run small, so it is recommended to size up, especially if using the included silicone toe pads.

Size guide:
– US 4 Big Kids = US 5.5 Adult
– US 5 Big Kids = US 6 Adult
– US 5.5 Big Kids = US 7 Adult
– US 6.5 Big Kids= US 7.5 Adult
– US 7 Big Kids = US 8 Women

The silicone toe pads protect the delicate toes as they bear weight on pointe. The pads cushion and distribute pressure to prevent pain and injury. They can be worn directly on the toes or placed over the ends of toe spacers or cushions.

Care and Wear:

To extend the life span of your ballet pointe shoes, take proper care of the outer soles and upper satin. The outsoles can be cleaned by simply wiping down with a damp towel. Do not submerge the shoes in water or wash them in the washing machine, as this can deteriorate the intensive paper material.

Swag and repeatedly beat the soles on a hard surface to soften and break them in before dancing. This makes the boxes more pliable and comfortable for extended wear. The shoes will mold to your feet, but be careful not to over-soften the soles too quickly or they will lose their supportive structure.

As one of the most essential pieces of equipment for ballet dancers, pointe shoes must fit precisely and function properly to allow safe technique and artistic expression. Daydance ballet pointe shoes provide the features needed to protect feet, enhance performance, and make dancers look and feel their absolute best.

Additional Details

Materials: Upper is made of satin with a cotton lining and intensive paper for the box and shank. Includes ribbon ankle band and silicone toe pads.

Colors: Available in tones of light pink and European pink to complement a variety of skin tones and match ballet attire.

Care: Spot clean satin upper as needed with a damp cloth. Do not submerge shoes or wash in washing machine. Break in soles before first wear by bending and swagging repeatedly on hard surface.

Sizing: Follow size chart according to foot length. Run small, so size up for best fit.

Item Weight: Lightweight construction weighs approximately ___ oz per shoe.

Country of Origin: Imported

Sold By: Daydance Sports Equipment

Ideal Uses

Daydance ballet pointe shoes are designed specifically for ballet dancing en pointe and performing ballet technique including:

– Ballet classes
– Rehearsals
– Recitals
– Professional stage performances
– Dance competitions
– Dance photoshoots and videos
– Dance team auditions

The features make these shoes versatile to meet the demands from strict ballet instructors and directors, along with the artistic visions of choreographers. The durability also makes them suitable for daily wear and practice.

Why Dancers Love Daydance Pointe Shoes

– Supportive structure for proper pointe technique
– Padded toes prevent pain and injury
– Softened soles mold to feet for comfort
– Moisture-wicking lining keeps feet dry
– Durable yet lightweight construction
– Elegant satin upper for polished aesthetics
– Ribbon secures fit around the ankle
– Available in stylish pale pink colors
– True ballet pointe shoe profile and silhouette
– Quality materials withstand hours of wear
– Great value for the features and construction

The Perfect Pointe Shoes for Beginners to Pros

The Daydance pointe shoes provide the features needed for dancers of all skill levels. Beginners will appreciate the padded toes and softened soles as they learn proper technique and build ankle stability when rising into pointe. Intermediate and advanced students can rely on the supportive structure for improving skills and perfecting performances. Professionals will value the durability to withstand daily rehearsals, along with the elegant aesthetic for stage productions.

While there are many pointe shoe options on the market, the Daydance shoe is a reliable choice that combines comfort, support, appearance, and affordability that dancers desire. With quality construction and details suited for a dancer’s needs, Daydance enables progression through each stage of ballet training. These shoes empower dancers to gain confidence, improve skills, and pursue their artistic passions as they advance in their dance journeys.


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