Ceptics World Travel Plug Adapter Type G – Connect Devices in Over 150 Countries


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Ready to travel abroad but don’t know how to keep your devices powered up overseas? Don’t leave home without the Ceptics World Travel Plug Adapter Type G. This essential adapter allows you to safely and easily connect to foreign outlets in over 150 countries worldwide that use Type G power sockets.

With Ceptics, you’ll no longer have to worry about whether your electronics, devices, and appliances will work at your destination. This quality plug converter securely adapts grounded U.S. plugs (Type A & B) so they can interface with Type G outlets commonly used in the U.K., Ireland, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, and more.

Compact, Durable & Easy to Use

This set includes three Ceptics Type G adapters in a slim, lightweight size that effortlessly fits into your carry-on or luggage exterior pocket. They weigh just 1.76oz each so you’ll barely notice them until you need to use them.

The adapters are constructed of durable ABS plastic in bright white with contrasting black plug inserts. The sleek design looks sharp and modern. Integrated finger holes make the adapters easy to remove from the wall socket.

Using the adapters is a breeze – simply slide your U.S. plug into the adapter, then insert it into the foreign Type G outlet. No cable attachments or removable parts that can get lost.

Safe & Reliable Power Conversion

With a maximum capacity of 250V/13A/3000W, these Ceptics adapters can safely handle even high-power devices like hair dryers, curling irons, and irons when travelling.

The three-prong grounded design provides secure attachment to the outlet and protects against electric shock. Integrated safety shutters prevent fingers from contact with live electrical components.

New conductivity interfaces made of quality metals improve conductivity compared to plastic-only adapters. This allows for stable power flow to your connected devices. A built-in smart IC chip also protects against short circuit, overload, and overheating.

Global Usage in 150+ Countries

The Type G plugs work in over 150 countries across the globe including:

– United Kingdom (UK)
– Ireland
– Hong Kong
– Singapore
– Malaysia
– Saudi Arabia
– United Arab Emirates (UAE)
– Ghana
– Nigeria
– Kenya
– Tanzania
– Uganda
– Zimbabwe
– Botswana
– Cyprus
– Malta
– Gibraltar
– Qatar
– Kuwait
– Bahrain
– Iraq
– Yemen
– Oman
– Brunei
– Bangladesh
– Macau
– Grenada
– Sri Lanka
– And more!

With Ceptics adapters, you’ll be prepared whether backpacking through Europe or going on a business trip to Asia. Don’t get caught with the wrong adapter or pay expensive rental fees at the airport. These all-purpose Type G converters have you covered worldwide.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Ceptics provides a lifetime replacement warranty and friendly USA-based customer service. Your 100% satisfaction is guaranteed when you travel with Ceptics adapters. We stand behind the safety, reliability, and quality of our products.

With over 5,000 worldwide 5-star reviews, travelers agree Ceptics adapters are a travel necessity. These converters make overseas electrical connection frustration-free. Just plug in and power up!

Don’t hassle with electrical plug compatibility ever again. Pick up the complete set of three Ceptics Type G adapters today for all your international travels. The compact size takes up little luggage room so you can be prepared anywhere in the world.


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