Celebrate Life’s Precious Moments with this Stunning Freshwater Pearl and 14K Gold Halo Ring




Make an occasion truly special with the gift of this beautiful pearl and gold ring. The lustrous freshwater cultured pearl is embraced by a brilliant 14k yellow gold halo for a ring brimming with elegance.

Freshwater pearls represent purity and integrity. When given as a gift, they can signify loyalty, friendship, or new beginnings. Keep those meaningful qualities close with this timeless pearl ring.

An Exquisite Freshwater Cultured Pearl

The focal point of this ring is the stunning cultured freshwater pearl. With its soft cream luster and smooth round shape, this AAA grade pearl is an absolute gem.

Freshwater pearls are treasured for their natural beauty and affordable luxury. Unlike their saltwater counterparts, they can be cultivated in lakes and rivers for a more eco-friendly process.

The 8mm size of this pearl gives it presence without being overpowering. Its versatile medium size complements any finger. Give this pearl ring to celebrate life’s milestones from graduations to engagements and everything in between.

Brilliant 14K Yellow Gold Band

This high-quality pearl is cradled by a solid 14k gold halo setting. The rich, warm yellow gold provides a striking complement to the pearl’s cool tone.

With a purity of 58.5% gold, 14k has the ideal balance of gold content and durability. This precious metal will maintain its radiance over a lifetime of everyday wear.

The inset halo design protects the pearl while accentuating its spherical shape. Simple and understated, this band amplifies the pearl’s natural beauty.

Ideal for Ring Sizes 3 to 12

This gorgeous pearl ring is available in a wide range of standard ring sizes from 3 to 12. The size can be selected at checkout to ensure an ideal fit.

For a dainty look, sizes 3 to 5 highlight the pearl with a slim band. Larger sizes up to 12 provide greater presence with a wider shank. Choose the perfect fit to complement the recipient’s style.

The ring is comfortable to wear all day long. The smooth inside band won’t irritate fingers like some adjustable sizes can. Enjoy the beauty and meaning of pearls close at hand.

Meaningful Gift for Any Occasion

A pearl ring makes a thoughtful gift for many special occasions. The pearl’s purity and elegance commemorate life milestones with grace.

For June birthdays, pearls are the traditional and modern birthstone. Those with pearl anniversaries will cherish this ring to mark their 3rd, 12th, 30th or 50+ years together.

Make proposals even more magical with an engagement ring featuring pearls. Their association with loyalty and longevity signifies a promise to cherish one another.

This ring also makes a sentimental gift for Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Hanukkah, and other holidays. Its classic styling suits women of all ages.

Styled for Everyday Wear

This halo pearl ring transitions effortlessly from day to night. It dresses up elegant outfits for formal events yet avoids being too extravagant for everyday.

For the office or weekend errands, it provides a touch of sophistication. The pearl adds a refined detail to business casual looks.

At night, it shines as the perfect finishing accent for dates and cocktails with friends. Stack this halo ring with additional gemstone bands or let it stand alone.

Thanks to its durability and versatile styling, this ring becomes an everyday treasure. The pearl symbolizes the special meaning behind the gift each time it is worn.

Shop with Confidence & Satisfaction Guaranteed

This exquisite pearl ring comes beautifully packaged, ready for gifting. A certificate of authenticity verifies the gold purity and pearl details.

Shop now with satisfaction guaranteed. If the ring does not meet expectations, returns are accepted within 60 days in original condition for a full refund.

Honor life’s special moments with the gift of pearls. This brilliant 14k gold halo ring will become her most cherished treasure.


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