Ceenna 24 Pieces 1920s Flapper Headband – Black Feather Headpieces for Women – Vintage Cocktail Party Hair Accessories


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Transport yourself back to the lavish parties of the roaring 20s with this set of 24 high quality feather headbands. Two dozen headpieces means you’ll always have the perfect feathered accessory to match any flapper dress or 1920s style outfit.

Each headpiece features elegant strands of long, flowing black ostrich feathers. Delicate sequins and rhinestones add a touch of luxury. An adjustable elastic band ensures a comfortable, secure fit.

These feather hair accessories allow you to easily achieve the iconic flapper look. Drape the feathers across your forehead, style your hair in lush waves, and do the Charleston the night away!

Channel the Glitz and Glam of the Jazz Age

The 1920s ushered in radical cultural changes and a sense of vibrance after the austerity of WWI. Women cast off their corsets in favor of loose, flowing dresses with fringe, sequins, and feathers.

These black feather headbands epitomize the extravagant style of the flapper era. Long ostrich plumes drape delicately across the face, moving with each twist and shimmy. Rhinestone accents provide subtle sparkle.

Whether you’re headed to a theme party, Halloween bash, or costume event, these headpieces make it easy to embody the sophisticated yet rebellious flapper. Freedom, fun and indulgence – it’s all in the feathers!

Designed to Impress, Built to Last

While inexpensive feather headbands may shed and look cheap, these high quality hair accessories are made to impress. Handpicked ostrich feathers have an elegant drape and resist crushing over time.

The feathers are securely attached to a comfortable elastic band that fits most heads. An adjustable loop at the back allows you to customize the fit. Rhinestone embellishments add luxury without weighing down the feathers.

The superior construction means these statement pieces can be worn again and again. Enjoy these heirloom-quality accessories for decades to come. They make memorable gifts or bridal accessories too!

Endless Ways to Style for Any Occasion

Jazz up your look for:

– 1920s or Art Deco Themed Parties
– Halloween, Mardi Gras and Masquerade Balls
– Roaring 20s Photoshoot
– Flapper Costumes and Circus Performer Costumes
– Vintage Wedding Styling for Brides and Bridal Parties

These feather hair accessories work for everyday wear too! Drape a headband over an LBD for instant old Hollywood glamour. Top off jeans and a tee with feathers for a playful vibe.

With 24 headpieces in two styles, you can switch it up everyday. Share the fun with friends too – these make great gifts!

Bring some Gatsby-era glitz into your life with these luxurious feather hair accessories. They make any occasion feel like a lavish celebration!


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