Casio Men’s GM-2100CB-3AJF G-Shock Quartz Watch with Cross Band




This rugged and stylish G-Shock quartz watch from Casio features a brand new cross band design on the iconic GM-2100 octagonal case shape. The military green colorway gives it a bold, tactical look.

The watch case measures 53.5mm x 50mm and is 15.4mm thick. It provides substantial wrist presence without being overly bulky. The resin case is lightweight and durable. Bold rounded edges give it an aggressive, futuristic shape inspired by stealth fighter jets.

Inside is a reliable Japanese quartz movement that keeps highly accurate time. It’s tough enough to handle the demands of an active lifestyle. The recessed buttons and screws throughout add industrial styling.

The cross band is a unique update to the classic G-Shock GM-2100 style. Two overlapping bands made from woven nylon fabric and resin provide a comfortable, secure fit. It fastens securely with a buckle clasp.

The textured digital face features an LCD display with auto LED backlight. It shows the time, day, and date. The watch functions also include dual time, countdown timer, daily alarm, hourly time signal, and more. They’re easily accessed via the front buttons.

Key Features:

  • Iconic octagonal G-Shock case with new cross band
  • Japanese quartz movement with excellent accuracy
  • Resin case is lightweight and durable
  • Woven nylon fabric and resin cross band
  • Textured green digital face with backlight
  • Water resistant 200m – suitable for recreational diving

The G-Shock Legacy

Ever since the first G-Shock watch in 1983, Casio has pushed the limits of watch engineering. Their goal was to create the toughest watch ever made.

Early G-Shocks passed brutal testing designed to simulate real world conditions. They were dropped repeatedly from 10 meters up, frozen, heated, shocked, and vibrated. The watches passed these tests far beyond the limits of normal watches.

While tough on the outside, G-Shock watches also pack innovative tech on the inside. Casio developed specially engineered modules to withstand shock forces. The watches feature hardy quartz movements encased in a floating module within the case.

Over 200 handmade parts work together to protect the movement from damage. From the sturdy lugs to the gasket sealed buttons, every component of a G-Shock enhances its legendary durability.

The GM-2100 cross band model exemplifies this unrelenting pursuit of toughness combined with tactical style. Its futuristic case shape and fabric cross band give it a modern, urban look. But inside, it’s packed with the same toughness that made G-Shocks famous.

Rugged Urban Style

G-Shocks originated as rugged tool watches for extreme sports and outdoor action. But today they’ve become fashion statements that are just as at home in the city as the wilderness.

The GM-2100CB-3AJF cross band G-Shock brings together form and function. Its angular octagonal shape references the old school origins of G-Shocks. But the fabric band and digital display give it a forward-thinking style too.

The military green colorway and cross band evoke combat fatigues and tactical gear. But it looks just as good paired with casual streetwear and athleisure outfits. Its size also makes it noticeable on the wrist without being bulky.

For over 35 years, G-Shocks have blended toughness, tech, and distinctive style. This latest model continues that legacy with its urban camo look. Whether your missions take you across town or off the grid, it’s up for the task.

Designed for Action

The GM-2100 isn’t just about looks. Underneath the sleek exterior lies the heart of a true G-Shock, ready for adventure.

A 10 year battery life means this watch is set to perform for years before service is required. The quartz movement stays accurate whether you’re exploring the city streets or deep sea diving. Water resistance up to 200m allows for recreational scuba diving and high velocity water activities.

Buttons are easy to press and control all the convenient functions, even with gloves on. The LCD display includes an LED backlight for easy reading in any conditions. A daily alarm, hourly time signal, countdown timer and more make this watch useful as well as stylish.

When it comes to blending durability and tactical urban style into one package, few watches can match this new G-Shock GM-2100 model. Whether trekking across the globe or just living everyday life, it’s ready for action.

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