BOOMTECK Women’s 4-Hook Bra Extenders – Add Comfort and Adjustability to Your Bras


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Get a perfect, custom bra fit with the BOOMTECK 4-Hook Bra Extenders 3-pack. These soft, stretchy bra strap extenders add length to your bra band, providing a more comfortable, customized fit.

Adjust Band Tightness for Comfort

The 4-hook design gives you more flexibility to loosen or tighten your bra band. Add up to 3 inches of length to make a too-tight bra more comfortable. Or use the hooks to shorten the band for a more snug fit.

High Quality Elastic Material

These bra extenders are constructed from a soft nylon and spandex blend with cushioned hook and eye closures. The high quality elastic stretches to custom fit while maintaining its shape. It won’t pinch, bind or irritate your skin.

Matches Most Bra Hook Configurations

With 4 adjustable hooks, these bra extenders accommodate most 2, 3 and 4-hook bra bands. The hooks are 3/4 inches apart to seamlessly blend with your bra. Extend the life of your best-fitting bras!

Gain Comfort During Pregnancy or Weight Changes

Pregnancy, weight gain or monthly fluctuations can make your regular bras feel too tight. Bra extenders add that extra room you need for all-day comfort, so you can avoid buying new bras.

Adjust Fit for Hand-Wash Shrinkage

Over time, hand washing may cause your bra bands to shrink. These extenders let you regain that custom fit so you can keep wearing your favorite bras longer.

Skin-Tone Nude Color

The nude color extenders blend right in with your skin and bra straps. You’ll barely notice you’re wearing them! The skin tone shade works with white, nude and black bras.

Easy to Attach and Remove

Applying the bra extenders is quick and easy. Just hook it into the eyes on your bra band, then put your bra on as usual. Remove and reattach anytime to switch up sizing.

Hand Wash and Air Dry

These bra strap extenders are machine washable for easy care. Use mild soap, cool water and gentle cycle. Let them air dry to maintain the elasticity.

What’s Included

– Set of 3 beige 4-hook bra extenders
– Each extender is 3 inches x 4 inches
– Stretchy nylon/spandex blend with cushioned hook and eye closures
– Hooks spaced 3/4 inches apart
– Adds up to 3 inches of length

Experience Proper Bra Fit Again

Don’t suffer through bras that are too tight or ride up. Get the adjustability you need for all-day comfort with the BOOMTECK Bra Extenders 3-pack. Order now and restore your bras to the perfect personalized fit!

Customer Reviews

The perfect solution for tight bras!

“These bra extenders allowed me to keep all my favorite bras during pregnancy instead of having to buy new ones. I’ve also used them when my bras shrank a little. They blend right in and give just the right amount of extra room.”

So comfortable!

“I have sensitivity to anything too tight around my ribcage. These extenders gave me the flexibility I needed to adjust my bra band for comfort, without compromising support.”

Just what I needed

“I’ve lost some weight recently and my bras were just a bit too loose. These extenders let me tighten up the band a little for a more secure fit. And they look totally seamless on the bra.”

Worked perfectly!

“I bought new bras in the next band size down for weight loss but they were just too snug. Hooking these extenders on the inner hooks let me wear the new bras comfortably until I’m ready to size down.”

So handy for pregnancy

“I was dreading having to buy all new bras. But these extenders allowed me to loosen all my regular bras to accommodate my expanding ribcage. Definitely a money saver!”

Versatile Bra Accessory for Changing Needs

Don’t be afraid to pick up the BOOMTECK Bra Extenders today. With the ability to loosen or tighten your bra fit, they’ll come in handy during many of life’s changes. Pregnancy, weight loss, weight gain – this handy accessory adapts with you!


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