adidas Men’s Golfer’s UPF 50+ Quarter Zip Pullover


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Take your golf game to the next level in the adidas Men’s Golfer’s UPF 50+ Quarter Zip Pullover. This high-performance pullover is purpose-built for comfort, coverage, and protection on the links. The lightweight quarter zip design allows you to adapt to changing weather, while the soft fabric and moisture-wicking technology keep you cool even as the temperature rises. With built-in UPF 50+ sun protection, you can focus on perfecting your swing without worrying about harmful rays. With its understated style and adidas quality, this quarter zip pullover will quickly become a go-to piece in your golf wardrobe.

Lightweight Comfort Tailored to the Course

From the first drive to the final putt, comfort is key for peak performance on the course. The adidas Men’s Golfer’s Quarter Zip Pullover is designed with the links in mind, constructed using a soft polyester fabric that is lightweight, breathable, and flexible. The quarter zip front features a stand-up collar to protect your neck from the sun and wind, while the adjustable slider lets you customize your coverage. Whether you prefer full protection or just a bit of fresh air, this pullover adapts to your preferences. The smooth fabric glides easily under outerwear and moves with you through the full range of motion of your swing. A touch of spandex provides stretch for enhanced mobility so you can nail even the toughest approach shots.

Moisture-Wicking Technology Keeps You Cool and Dry

As an avid golfer, you understand the importance of temperature regulation for stamina and endurance out on the lengthy course. The adidas Men’s Golfer’s Quarter Zip Pullover is equipped with innovative moisture-wicking technology to keep you cool, dry, and comfortable even in hot and humid conditions. The polyester fabric is specially designed to absorb and spread moisture rapidly across the surface before evaporating. As you build up a sweat, this pullover efficiently draws it away from the skin where it quickly evaporates for a cool, dry feel. No more squelching, sweating, and distractions. The lightweight quarter zip also promotes airflow across the upper body to complement the moisture-wicking performance.

Built-in UPF 50+ Sun Protection

While time outdoors on the gorgeous greens and fairways is a highlight of golfing, prolonged exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays can take a toll on your skin and performance. The adidas Men’s Golfer’s Quarter Zip Pullover has integrated UPF 50+ protection built directly into the fabric itself. UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) indicates how effectively a fabric blocks out UV radiation. With UPF 50+ rating, this pullover blocks 98% of the sun’s rays for excellent defense against burning and skin damage. Enjoy your time golfing with less worry about the impacts of UV exposure. The stand-up collar provides an extra shield up to your neck and face for customized coverage.

Designed for Movement on the Course

Golf requires a wide range of motion, from full swings with the iron to strategic strokes putting on the green. The adidas Men’s Golfer’s Quarter Zip Pullover moves with you for unrestricted mobility throughout the course. The soft, stretchy fabric retains its shape while allowing natural movement. The athletic-inspired quarter zip design avoids bulky fabric layers that could hinder your range of motion. With a streamlined, close-to-the-body fit, you get full freedom of movement to attack every shot. Easy motion is also enhanced by the moisture-wicking performance that prevents restrictive wet fabric. Bring out your best play by wearing a pullover crafted for movement.

Classic Style Meets Modern adidas Innovation

Challenging the course requires both mental focus and the confidence boost of looking sharp. The classic quarter zip pullover silhouette is updated with premium construction and details in this adidas golfwear essential. The soft fabric has a subtle texture and sleek sheen, complemented by an understated logo on the chest and collar. Zippered pockets provide secure storage when you need to shed a layer or grab a quick snack to refuel. No matter if you’re a scratch golfer or 20+ handicap, this athletic quarter zip brings together timeless style and modern adidas innovation. The performance features like breathable fabric, elastic cuffs, and UPF 50 don’t overly advertise themselves, simply allowing you to get into the zone and find your flow.

Weather-Ready From tee to Green

Golf requires patience and perseverance during passing wind, rain, and sun. The adidas Men’s Golfer’s Quarter Zip Pullover equips you for variable weather out on the course. The lightweight, breathable polyester construction provides protection from sun and wind without[timeout]


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