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Brand Values & Commitments

Since day one, White House Black Market has prioritized delivering excellent value for money spent. Our pieces may cost more initially, but they are designed with heirloom quality to deliver daily satisfaction for endless seasons. Unlike fleeting fast fashion trends churned out rapidly by machines and underpaid workers, our garments are crafted slowly and meticulously by skilled artisans. And we choose long-lasting fabrics and hardware designed to withstand gentle care and regular wear and tear with grace.

In addition to product quality, we actively reinforce our brand values through initiatives upholding excellence in 3 key areas: ethics, sustainability, and community engagement.


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Welcome to the House of Style and Substance

How our boutique brings timeless fashion and community together

Greetings and thank you for stopping by! I’m thrilled to give you an inside look at the beloved boutique I founded over 30 years ago – White House Black Market. When I first opened our doors in a small rented space downtown, I never dreamed that my passion for chic, versatility and making women feel confident would blossom into this. Though we now have stores across the country, we remain rooted in the same principles of quality over quantity, substantance beneath the style, and fostering meaningful relationships in our community.

Walk through our boutique today and I believe you’ll sense why we’ve become a trusted destination for everything from luxury everyday wear to travel essentials that transcend trends. White House Black Market is a safe haven for our customers – a place where you can relax, feel understood and reinvent yourself. Our retail spaces are meticulously designed to inspire, our personal styling is focused on uplifting self-esteem, and our community giving supports empowering women locally and globally. We aim for our brand to reflect our greater mission of cultivating more good in the world.

The Genesis: Turning Contrast into Harmony

When searching for the perfect business idea, I found clarity in my love of contrasts. I appreciated how vastly different influences and elements could complement one another beautifully – night and day, soft and severe, capsule classics meeting seasonal must-haves. I aimed to build a boutique embracing juxtaposition, fusing the best of opposites.

The name White House Black Market was born first, sparking intrigue and suggesting chic rebellion. I envisioned refined yet adventurous style embodied in our brand, then carefully curated every visual, fabric and experience accordingly. Like yin and yang, opposing concepts harmonize – sophistication and edge, uptown polish with downtown panache.

This dynamic equilibrium animates all we offer, from our architectural, contemporary retail spaces with inviting warmth to our versatile collections moving seamlessly from desk to dinner. We love blending textures like bouclé with sleek leather, mixing metabolic prints with solid slimming black, helping women be their boldest through perfected basics.

Designing with Integrity: Fabrics, Craftsmanship, Ethics

Conscientious construction and fabrics are paramount so our pieces withstand trends. Our tailored sheath dresses and faux wrap tops effortlessly transition from season to season. We use only premium quality fabrics like fine Italian wool blends, luxe cottons and silks, lush cashmere – materials passing rigorous testing for durability and maintenance.

Yet our materials must also meet stringent ethical guidelines before being selected. I scrutinize details personally, as I know customers appreciate our commitment to sustainability and fair production. We partner exclusively with manufacturers aligned in values like safe working conditions and living wages. Several beloved items even support specific charities via proceeds.

Once fabrics make the cut, true magic unfolds. Our talented in-house designers carefully craft collections marrying smart silhouettes with intricate, original prints. Every new frock or jacket goes through meticulous fittings to become that extra special piece you’ll wear for years. Our finishing atelier attends to each detail from precise stitching to custom embellishments by hand.

The result are investment classics – from the perfect blouse to the ultimate black dress – flattering, versatile #OOTD runway looks made to mix, match, pack and primp effortlessly. Welcome to a world where substance and style coexist beautifully.

Relationship Retail: Getting Personal

While our online boutique offers 24/7 convenience, I encourage visiting a store to unlock the full experience. human connections matter here. Shopping becomes a conversation – your trusted stylist gets to know your shape, colors, patterns and places you want to wear our pieces. We keep notes on favorite fits, outfit ideas and wishlists so each visit feels like catching up with an old friend.

We shape our service around relationships versus transactions through perks like:

  • Personal Style Profiling – Answer a few questions about your lifestyle and body shape, and we’ll deliver custom look books and outfit recommendations catered to your taste.
  • Private Appointments – Schedule 1-on-1 time in our boutique or virtually for an in-depth clothing review, size exchanges, even home delivery.
  • Outfit Test Drives – Try on that dress before your big gala or layer pieces for your family photo session. We’ll help style entire looks with accessories.
  • Loyalty Rewards – As you shop with us, you’ll earn points towards future purchases along with birthday gifts and early sale access.
  • Style Guidance – Not sure how to wear the latest trends? Need tips on building a travel capsule wardrobe? Ask us anytime for tailored advice.

We strive to make shopping effortless and enjoyable through personalized attention. Our staff stays inspired and connected through continuing education so we can offer expertise on styling, fit, fabrics, trends and more.

Behind Our Signature Style: Key Design Elements

Get to know and love signature White House Black Market style through these fundamental concepts woven throughout our collections:

Luxe Layering – Mix and match pieces in luxe fabrics with smart silhouettes that deliver flattering drape and flow. We make coordination effortless.

Tactile Textures – Bouclé, tweed, cloqué, taffeta – we adore dimension and patterns with depth for visual interest and subtle shaping.

Strategic Accents – Look closely and you’ll discover hand-sewn embellishments, textural buttons and hardware, delicate lace insets. Thoughtful touches make all the difference.

Sleek Black Magic – Our devotion for the power of black (with occasional daring pops of color!) lets pieces intermingle infinitely. Build that ultimate capsule wardrobe.

Elevated Basics – Perfected tees, tanks, jackets and more in exquisite natural fibers feel so sumptuous, you’ll reach for them daily.

Faux Real – Clever waist-defining wraps and cinched effects through ruching, peplums and intricate seaming provide flattery without fuss.

Wrinkle-Resistant – Innovative fabrics like premium ponte knits, woven stretch blends and merino wool beat the heat and hustle while retaining their graceful drape.

Pack & Go – Details like scarf belts, reversible pieces and clever convertibles make every item transition seamlessly from home to the Amalfi Coast.

Our designers fuse purpose and beauty through finessed fits, truly tailored cuts and detail orientation honoring the female form. We help you pull off polished elegance or relaxed refinement harmlessly.

The Making of a Season: Key Steps from Sketch to Boutique

Ever wonder how each new seasonal collection comes to life? At White House Black Market, the creative process never sleeps as we translate inspiration into over 200 fresh styles annually. Here’s an inside look:

1. Concept & Color: Six months before a new line debuts in boutiques, our creative director and designers capture emerging trends from recent runway shows, street style bloggers, trade forecasts, and pop culture influencers. These insights fuel an overarching creative concept with complementary hues for the season – maybe subtitles shades of blush and bronze with hints of outlying bright citron.

2. Fabric Sourcing: With color and creative direction set, I source the most exceptional textiles around the globe to build a custom fabric library for each collection. My year-round trips and long-standing mill relationships give us privileged access to rare weaves and best in class natural fibers before competitors. I hand select each print, ensuring unique motifs and compelling color combinations across wovens, knits and delicates.

3. Silhouette Studies & Storyboards: Our technical design team starts tactile, spending hours draping fine fabrics on forms, sketching continuously until they capture that just right flounce, cowl or curve. Every material has a destiny – lightweight tweeds may become a blazer versus dress. Teams compile finished sketches with swatch samples into seasonal style storyboards.

4. Fit Models & Samples: Now early sample “muslin” garments get created and meticulously tweaked on fit models to perfect proportions. A second round of samples comes later for photography, events and media loans. Each piece undergoes thorough quality control before reaching our stores.

5. Campaign Concept: While collections take form, our creative marketing team envisions the fully integrated campaign from photo shoot creative to social media and in-boutique collateral. It all brigs the concept to life visually. This year, our ‘Reform’ theme encourages recycling past looks in fresh ways, like re-wearing a beloved item backwards or inverted.

6. Production: After exhaustive iterations and testing to optimize fit, fabrication, function and style, we place final bulk orders with manufacturers abroad. Factories start skillfully constructing hundreds of garments for distribution. Details like buttons, bows and hardware get custom created just for us.

7. Launch: Months of planning culminate in our coordinated collection launch week. Brand imagery blankets our website, stores and social platforms. Shipments of boxes filled with our latest pieces arrive for eager staff to merchandise. And in a pinch-me moment each season, I get to witness excited customers discover our creators’ passion-filled labors of love.

Our devoted team pours so much care into delivering unique style stories that resonate with our clients season after season. I’m continuously humbled by and proud of their artistry.

Giving that Feels Good: Philanthropy at Our Core

While immersed in the glamour of fashion industry, I never lost sight of its potential for purpose. Giving back became integral to our brand DNA from day one, as empowering women and strengthening community run deep for me.

White House Black Market is dedicated to supporting various causes through action – not just words. Locally, boutiques partner with organizations like Dress for Success to provide professional clothing and development tools for disadvantaged women re-entering the workforce. Various donations and fundraisers happen in conjunction with neighborhood charities as well.

Nationally, we work with anti-trafficking foundations, scholarships advancing women in creative professions, aid supporting female refugee arts collectives abroad and more. Additionally, select seasonal collections directly support related charities through proceeds. For example, our new organic loungewear line benefits the education of impoverished girls globally.

Customers often express how meaningful our integrated philanthropy is in building an ethical brand, so we continue seeking out partnerships promoting female dignity worldwide. This fuels my passion both professionally and personally. By shopping with us, you’re joining the movement towards empowerment for all.

Fulfilling Our Promise: Plans for an Even Brighter Future

After over twenty years nurturing White House Black Market, I’m thrilled to look ahead to exciting developments that will further our mission to inspire confidence and connect community:

Expanding Our Sustainable Practices: We’re implementing more ecological materials like regenerative cotton, recycled fabrics and water-safe dyes while bringing some textile development in-house for greater oversight. I’m also sourcing renewable energies across our operations through advocating and installations. The future of fashion is green.

Seeking New Charity Partners: Our meteoric ecommerce growth allows extending our giving reach further, so I’m actively pursuing partnerships with organizations focused on female literacy, STEM access, healthcare and more internationally. Sharing is caring.

Continuing Innovation: While remaining faithful to our feminine-chic aesthetic, we’ll keep pushing boundaries on style – developing more mobile-friendly, inclusive collections speaking to how multifaceted modern womanhood looks today across ages, backgrounds and places. After all, fashion is self-expression!

Maintaining Our Signature Service: Regardless of how large our brand footprint grows online, cultivating community and connecting personally with customers in our boutiques will stay central to our DNA. Our culture of caring through relationships can’t be replicated digitally. I’m so proud of the culture our team has built and will fiercely guard it.

I’m overwhelmingly grateful for the passion and care our White House Black Market family pours into everything we create, whether it’s a luxe new blazer collection or philanthropic partnership. Most of all, I’m continually humbled by the loyalty of long-time clients who make our work so meaningful. I can’t wait to see what the next beautiful chapters hold for our unconventional house of style!

So if you’re craving investment pieces that empower self-confidence with substance to spare, I warmly invite you into our White House Black Market boutique soon. We’ll find that perfect look expressing your best self, plus a community who’ll cheer you on. Let’s delight in fashion that does good together!

What Our Customers Are Saying


Top Rated

White House Black Market provides high-quality women’s clothing and accessories featuring timeless styles with a modern, feminine edge. We use fine fabrics and intricate details to craft pieces that make our customers look and feel their best. Our versatile selections allow you to build a stunning wardrobe that transitions effortlessly from workdays to weekends. We’re committed to helping all women discover their signature style.

We use premium fabrics and thoughtful designs so customers always get excellent value for money. Our clothes are made to last and become beloved additions to your closet.

Responsible sourcing

We vet all factories and suppliers to guarantee fair wages and safe conditions for garment workers. We also partner with manufacturers that share our commitment to environmental responsibility by using renewable energy, recycling water, and regulating waste.

Quality materials

From luxe Italian leathers to fine French silks, we thoughtfully select fabrics that are not only beautiful, but also long-lasting and ethically-sourced. These high-grade textiles reduce the environmental impact compared to cheaper, disposable alternatives.

From sourcing to production to materials, we conduct business ethically and sustainably so customers can feel good about adding our pieces to their wardrobe.

While our prices are higher than fast fashion made from inferior fabrics and construction, our pieces are designed with heirloom quality in mind, not disposability. Our meticulous tailoring and detailing is done by skilled artisans, not underpaid factory workers. And our fabrics are finer and more durable than those hastily mass-produced for cheap fashion. So you may pay more up front, but our classic, conscientiously-made pieces last for countless seasons, making them an unbeatable value in the long run.

We use finer fabrics and construction so our flattering, versatile pieces stay beautiful year after year. Our quality has outstanding long-term value compared to cheaply-made fast fashion.

Yes! We aim to reduce textile waste and promote sustainability through initiatives like:

Recycling programs

Bring any brand of gently used clothing or textiles to our stores for donation or recycling. We’ll repair and resell White House Black Market items in good condition and responsibly recycle the rest.

Ethical production

We use renewable energy in our production facilities and regulate water usage and waste. We also partner with suppliers using innovative methods like fabric recycling technologies. This lessens the environmental impact of creating virgin fabrics.

Our recycling programs and ethical production methods help reduce textile waste so customers can shop more sustainably.

Many of our pieces can be gently hand washed or machine washed on a delicate cycle in cool water and mild detergent. Lay flat or hang to dry – avoid high heat in both the washer and dryer to prevent damage and shrinkage. Refer to individual garment care instructions for specifics. Our fabrics and construction are designed for longevity with proper laundering. With some basic care, our clothing stays beautiful season after season so it never has to be discarded and replaced.

Follow the individual care instructions and opt for a delicate cycle with light detergent and air drying. Our fabrics are resilient but still require some simple care to enjoy them for many years.